People lose confidence everyday, and when they come up against adversity; that is the time when their character is truly tested. Some of us might thrive and some of us might falter, it is how we tackle the situation and ourselves in our mind first and fore most that decides if we come out of a situation with our head held up high or low on the ground. Confidence is the secret to bravery, and there is nothing that can compare to having self-confidence in our own abilities. It is the difference that makes for a good result.

If Michael Phelps did not believe, he could win those 8 gold medals, that most likely it would have affected his overall performance and he might have fallen short of his target. However, did you hear how he not only claimed, but asserted that he would win those medals? If you were listening correctly, you would have heard the ultimate levels of confidence within his voice. That was what made the difference. His opponents heard his confidence and that probably rattled their cage a bit.

The audience and his supporters believed in his confidence and that probably translated to them shouting and supporting him louder than ever before. He fed of this energy, he fed off his own confidence and in the end of the day, the big difference between him and his peers was the almost towering presence of his self confidence. It is what drove him to swim harder, faster and much more efficiently that any one else of his opponents. Now, do you see what kind of power self confidence can give you and how debilitating it can be when you lose it completely. When you do come up on that situation, there are certain things you can consider doing first, and they might assist you in gaining a foothold back in your life.

First and foremost, you need to take a step back and remove yourself from the chaos of the world that you have been entrenched in and when you can do this, you need to take stock of the situation and tell yourself you need to relax and let your heart slow down a little. Now, look at the things in your life that are causing you stress and those that you are not doing so well in.

Stress and failure are the two main culprits when talking about the degeneration of self confidence. In this case you need to either eliminate these areas or tweak your approach to them so that success or something close to it can be achieved in the initial stages. When you are looking to regain some of the self confidence that you have lost, what you need to do is to ascertain – or in the words of many self development councillors out there – you need to do some damage control and get out of ground zero. This way, you can get back your self confidence in no time at all.

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