Do you want to lose excess fat and get a supermodel body? If your answer is yes then continue to read as I reveal some of the secrets that is keeping you from burning that excess fat that you do not need.

Secret #1- Watch your diet

You may hear this several times before but it is very important to mention here also. You see if your diet is not on track it will be very hard to lose the excess fat that you don't need. You will have to change your diet and start having low calorie foods and avoid foods that will not help you to lose fat. One thing that you can do is to start having more fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and have whole wheat products instead of while bread products.

The amount of food you eat and how fast your eat is also very important. It is best for you to eat several small meals per day rather than3 larger meals. This way your metabolism will be faster and help you to burn fat quicker. Also you should eat slower; your brain takes several minutes after you are full to recognize that you are full. So instead of rushing your meal just take your time to ensure you do not over eat.

Secret #2- Exercise regularly

Exercising is one of the most effective method to boost metabolism and to lose excess fat. Exercising does not have to be strenuous but it should be consistent. At least 30 minutes per day for at least 3-5 days per week doing some aerobics can be effective to lose weight. Find a time that suits you best and workout that time every time you workout.

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