One of the most common problem for people looking to get rid of stomach fat is getting so many contradictory advices. With every new diet system they find out something totally opposed to previous one. Even industry professionals such as registered dieticians, research scientists, MD's, PhD's, and certified trainers, give a tremendous amount of contradictory advice. There are a lot of opinions out there and everyone seems to tell us something different.

So here is a list with the most common misunderstanding and lies about getting rid of belly fat.

#1. The Best Method To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat Is Diet

Diet will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy life style. But you have to know that only with diet there is no chance to burn that stomach fat. Have you ever seen those "skinny legs-big belly" people? They are not really overweighted, is only belly fat that will not go away. The fat around the stomach is stubborn and will not go away with a simple diet.

#2. Fasting, Starving Yourself Or Crash Diets Will Help

Don't even think about it. Beside the fact that getting your body in such a shock might negatively influence your metabolism, is also a very well known fact that the faster you lose weight, the faster will gain it back. When the body feels deprived of its basics needs, it will hold onto everything, water, toxins, fat. Is a built in survival mechanism, so shortly after finishing the diet you will find yourself even more bloated and fat than before.

#3. Exercises And Sit-Ups Will Remove The Belly Fat

I know you have heard that sit-ups and crunches are the way to do it, because those exercises make use of the abdominal muscles. However while it is true that exercises will strengthen the abdominal muscles and make you stronger in that area, and you may look thinner because your improved muscles hold in the fat better, this does not actually reduce stomach fat in itself.

#4. You Need Supplements To Lose Stomach Fat

Some basic supplements are helpful for nutritional maintenance and some supplements can help speed up the fat loss process a little, but not nearly as much as the advertising leads you to believe.

#5. Belly Fat Is Due To Genetics So You Can't Do Nothing About It

The biggest lie ever. Everyone can get rid of stomach fat with the right method and a strong determination. Usually is just much simpler than you ever suspected. Blaming the genes is the medical term for incompetence. If any dietician or nutritionist or doctor will tell you that you can't get rid of fat because of genetics, just move forward. It doesn't even worth to bother arguing.

Then what is the solution? Easy to find out and easy to do - and to see for yourself read How To make Your Stomach Smaller. I am talking there about naturally reducing stomach fat; which means no complicated workouts, no burn fat pills, no tricky starving diets. No hypes and lies. You will find a lot of common sense methods and resources to get rid of stomach fat; and if nothing else, you will finally find out why your diet didn't worked for you so far.

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