There are strategies to supplement your income or create multiple streams of income during this economic cycle. What would it be worth to you to tap into a large database of customers just waiting to open their wallets and purchase your products? They are pre-qualified and are introduced to you by a more than willing competitor. Sounds too good to be true?

We're talking about joint ventures. Have you noticed how prevalent joint ventures are and how successful they are? It goes beyond McDonalds food + toys = Happy meal; Pizza Hut and Taco Bell = convenient food for everyone's palate. You can find joint ventures in non-traditional partnerships such as a blood bank offering free ski lift tickets to entice more donations. It's a win-win circumstance for both partners; the blood bank receives more donations and the ski resort attracts more patrons with a free admission.

The soundest investment you can make in your business is to consider pairing with another company to either compliment your products and services or design and produce a new product or service that solves a need for people. If you can fill a need it doesn't matter where in the cycle the economy is, you will be successful.

5 Tips to turn your talents and skill sets into a quick cash flow of money in less than 30 days:

Take stock of your current talents and skills:

Do you or your company have some information, product or service that can benefit people? Do you have a product idea that you never pursued because you couldn't figure out how to make all the pieces work?

Assess your current target market.

Who is buying or would buy what you have to offer? Are you targeting women, children, seniors, people who own homes, athletes?

Find another company that has that same target market.

If you are targeting women who use cosmetics what else would they typically be interested in? Clothing, perfume, jewelry, hair care, or look beyond the obvious, are they career women who would also need daycare, luggage, any item that increases time efficiency like meals in under 30 minutes, a personal assistant.

Develop a joint venture partnership.

Design a campaign that is valuable and equitable for both partners. What skills and talents do you bring to the table and what would you like to receive from your partner? Outline specifics.

Launch your campaign. Reap your rewards.

Good ideas are not enough. Action is critical to your success. Send your email blasts, flyers, newsletters.

Now, if all this seems overwhelming and you are not sure where to start looking for a venture partner you definitely want to join a joint venture club.The benefits are too numerous to mention here, but explore it. Think about surrounding yourself with like- minded entrepreneurs that want to help you reach your goals. A club provides you all the tools and templates to take your talents and skills to a point where you can reap financial rewards quickly.

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Robin Helm is a personal development expert with over 20 years experience in the rehabilitation & personal development/leadership industry. She has been a keynote speaker for medical and business teams, physicians, MLMs, network marketing, coaches, and educators; training on how to have impeccable self-command and accountability.

In her book, "Champagne Thoughts & Caviar Power, the Science of Results Oriented Thinking" she will teach you how to develop your strong state of self-command that will propel you to take action. You will learn the 6 most paralyzing habits that prevent you from achieving your dreams and how to overcome them Now! To learn more visit: &