When a child is born into this world, she is pure consciousness in its most divine forms, she has no concepts, no dogma,no ideology about anything whatsoever. Then, the child starts growing up,and the ideologies start pouring in the child's unadulterated mind,forcing the child to enter the society. The absolutely absurd part about child rearing practices amongst humans is that we want our child to be like us or like them or like someone else, but not herself.That's strange. We want the child to be someone special, to make a name for herself, to be someone special and on the other hand we are the ones who starve the child of that ability to be someone special.
This is the constant struggle that we create for our children. We create a dissonance in their conciousness. The only way a flower can blossom and show its vibrance to the whole world is by means of its original being. If a lot of tampering is done, the flower can be a look alike of another flower, but not its original self.
Many metaphysical theorists, psychologists and spritual guru's believe that there is a collective superconsciouness which is running life across the entire universe. The same collective superconsiousness is known by different names, some call it collective intelligence, the others something else. However, the point which deserves special attention here is that universal power has distributed some gifts equally amongst all of us- regardless of our sex, culture, nationality, origins, etc. Imagination, Compassion, Integrity and courage deserve a reference here. With constant tampering on a child's psyche in the guise of preparing her for the competitive world, this equilibrium is broken, this balance is spoiled.
My focus in this article is a psychological space called Imagination. Imagination comes from the word "Imaginari" which means picture to oneself, which in other words means Image in the mind.
Writers, Artists, Actors, Businessmen, Inventors, Scientists, Architects, Fashion Designers, and people from other creative fields are regularly using this core human spirit and thus providing this world with some of the gems which this civilization cherishes. Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Arthur Conon Doyale, Picasso, Beethoven, Einstein, The Wright Brothers, et al have all been very high on this particular quality. They all had a space in their consciousness from where they created such masterpieces.
However, the novel and unidentified use of Imagination that I would like to highlight by means of this article is creating a life for your own. Louise L Hay in her original work "You Can heal your life" stresses the importance of affirmations and how you can heal yourself by the use of visualization and creative imagination.There have been enough instances to prove that if one Imagines oneself to be healthy, one can be healthy. For example, if you are suffering from fever @ 103 Fh and you visit a good doctor/surgeon, the moment you enter the doctor's room 30% of the problem wanes away. Another 30% goes when you see all the certificates and professional recognitions that your doctor has. Psychology calls it Placebo effect, I call it Imagination at Work( Remember, this was a GE Punch line for a long time). What I want to highlight is that in such a situation one's imagination has taken over and starting curing the body which is nothing but an extension of consciousness which in effective is an extension of collective superconsciousness which is managing everything. This is your link to the power which is running this universe. Further, Hay argues in another work of hers that if you desperately want something ( material or immaterial) and you are finding tough to get it, just imagine and thank the universe as if you already have it, and then you'll see that all the odds and roadblocks clear the way for you to get that thing. This is a rebellious thought, but its true. If asked with righteousness of the heart, chances are you will get it. If you want to kill someone than that'something that you are asking against integrity, it has very less likelihood of being fullfilled.
But if its something integral one is asking, it can take some time but you will see all the resistance waning away on its own. I have tried and tested this power in my own life many times.
Now this is the same imagination which is culled when a child is forced to be something else other than herself. Tom Peters has written an interesting book titled " The Circle of Innovation". He stresses on the importance of original thought by making the following statement-
"Information is the number one enemy of Intelligence."
Peters has a point, what you already know clouds your vision about what you can discover. Imagination is a human gift which needs to be nurtured rather than curb.A child is not a brick in the wall (Pink Floyd had some sense when they came up with this classic number).
Again, the point is the power of imagination has the potential to provide you the life that you want. If you curb it you will miss something, if you nurture it- You will get everything. The choice is yours. It's easier to write on a blank slate than untidy, hence my focus on allowing children to be themselves. It's more about providing them a pressure free environment where they can be the best they can, at something that they feel they are aligned to. Let them discover their true voice (Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit- He said his seven are incomplete without this 8th one). The time has arrived for the human civilization to evolve to the next level, the level of originality, the level of unique potential.
My humble advice to all those who disagree with the power of imagination in creating a life of your choice is to pick up something you think you are sure not to get it and then imagine as if you already have it. You can start it, but it won't work till the time you start believing in it. Also, the picture should be crystal clear in your mind as to what you want. Rest assured you will see the impact within a couple of days, as all the resistance will go away.
Wishing you luck in your endeavour to imagine!
Thanks for your time and patience!
Mohit Sharma

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Mohit Sharma is an Expert on Human Transformation, Metaphysics, Psychology, Human Motivation, and People Issues. He is a master trainer, Writer, Speaker and Consultant providing life coaching and personal excellence training to people from all streams of life. Mohit is presently in UK on a Work assignment and can be contacted at : information.adept@gmail.com