Is there such a thing as an infertility symptom? Symptoms are present in many conditions and a tell tale sign that something may be amiss. But how do you tell if you are infertile?

The truth is, infertility cannot really be determined by symptoms, I mean, what are you looking for; a rash, a cough, a sore toe. The fact is infertility is usually only confirmed following a series of tests which could span several months or even a year and beyond.

As far as an infertility symptom is concerned, maybe a series of signs or even something a little different than the norm may be an indication something is not quite right. These could be classified as symptoms.

So what are they? Let's take a look at some of the things which may occur within a woman's life that may be an alert to something a little more sinister.

Infertility Symptoms?

- Erractic menstrual cycles could be a tell tale sign. For example, if a woman misses her menstrual cycle what can she determine. Is it a sign of infertility perhaps? Maybe it could be any number of other things including early menopause. What about fibroid issues or even worse, something malignant.

- Hormone issues may be another tell tale sign such as low hormone levels during the initial and final stages of a menstrual cycle.

- Lack of cervical fluid is another possible cause of infertility issues. Carrying the sperm to the egg via cervical fluid is nature's way of giving the former an opportunity to fertilize the eggs. But a lack of cervical fluid will seriously hamper the sperm's ability to complete it's task and if this is occurring unbeknown to you, then it's another possible symptom for infertility issues.

- Issues in a woman's pelvic region can be a signal of a number of conditions. Constant pain in this area could be related to several things whether they be fibroid complaints or infection. Conception for women when problems are occurring in this region could be extremely difficult. Again, another possible infertility symptom in a sense.

It's important to not come to any conclusions. No conception after a year would certainly "ring the alarm bells" and is probably the true infertility symptom to go by. By this time, you should have made plans to see your physician.

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