What is success? I suppose if that was the question, then it would be easy to answer, a uniform question which holds a uniform answer. But it doesn’t. The question is better said “what is success for you”.

We all define success in different way’s, according to our upbringing, genetic make up, traits and abilities. We also action success based on the way we view events (past, present and future) our self view, level of commitment, Tolerance levels flexibility, and other factors that will be covered throughout this book.

So there is good and bad news, the good news is that you already are successful, your life is full of success stories, have you ever heard the saying “you can’t see the woods for the trees”? take a good look at your life, you could write volumes about you own successes. But it is not that easy is it, why? Because we have a really bad habit of comparing ourselves to either individuals, social groups or/and society in general, we then are comparing other people results to our journey.

Think of something that is really important to you that you want to succeed in,
Who are the people that you think of, and what are they saying to you, are they saying that you can do it, or you can’t do it.

The bad news is there may be a lot of reasons why we cant succeed, like for instance, ….um….well….wait wait……this is a good one…… no, I lost it….. Can’t think of any, I can think of a lot of excuses, but not one reason why we can’t succeed.

The difference between excuses and challenges is desire and motivation. We have the potential to be great individuals, but we often limit ourselves greatly by our own excuses and reasons for not achieving our goals, if we put as much effort into achieving what we want, as we do with giving our selves excuses and creating reasons why we cant have something that is important to us, we would be reaching our full potential very very quickly, and then we would be enjoying life at the level in which we intended it to be.

We are creatures of habit, and familiarity, but we also thrive on challenges and change. We are energized by the desire to succeed and the desire to challenge ourselves, but are in conflict with what we hear others saying to us, sometimes they match up, most of the time they mis-match. what has happened is in the past, what we feel are the effects of the past. Too often we try to make the past right, instead, lets make the future right, the past has happened, the future has not. don’t let the echo’s of self defeating and limiting beliefs from the past create carbon copies of them selves in the future. An effective way to do this is to ask if what you are thinking\feeling\doing past it’s used by date! In other words, it this useful to me now, or harmful to me now. Is it moving me forward towards my goal, or propelling me further away from it. Is it helping me as a person of growth and confidence, or is it keeping me from my potential.

Author's Bio: 

Andre Jackson is a development coach who focus on the self empowerment of you.Andre hold seminars on self discovery and knowing yourself. He can be reached at andrejackson009@hotmail.com