What was your reaction when you heard about the plane crashes? And the horrific loss of life? And the fact that it was an obvious terrorist attack on America?

My experience was one of shock and disbelief. And then sadness. Followed by fear and anger. I found my mind immediately plotting what we could do to get back at those "vicious bastards." When we find out who did it -- or maybe even a good suspicion of who did it -- we’ll tear them apart. We’ll show them what happens when they attack us!

Did you feel any of that? I mean, let’s admit it. If you’re trying to stuff such feelings down because you’re "a person of light" who doesn’t think like that... blah!! You can go ahead and refuse to admit what’s happening on your inside, but my knowing is that most Americans (and the rest of the world) reacted with shock, fear and outrage.

If you’re willing to look at your own fear, your own anger and sorrow, then it’s easy to feel compassion for others’ fear and sorrow. What about the fear and anger of the attackers? Do you want to feel any compassion for them?

Well, of course not, you say. The very idea is unthinkable. Look what they did to us. We’re going to tear those monsters from limb to limb...

OK. Stop right there. And look at that. Look at what you’re thinking right now. THAT is the exact mind-set, the precise consciousness of the attackers who did this. Are you willing to admit that you can have the exact sentiment of the people who carried out these attacks?

Because that’s exactly the Truth. Whether you want to look at it or not, the people who did this carry fear (and a lot of fear!) and anger against the U.S. They obviously blame Americans for whatever destruction and sorrow happened in their lives. And they exacted revenge in the most terrible way they could conceive...

Exactly like a lot of Americans are thinking today -- about how they can take horrible and swift revenge against the attackers. That cycle can go on forever. It’s already been going on for a long, long time. But it’s hard to see when it strikes close to home, isn’t it?

Are you willing to accept that the very same feelings of fear and sadness and anger that course through you -- are exactly the same feelings that course through the attackers? It’s your choice to accept that or not. (I mean, they’re subhuman, right? While our feelings are totally human and justified!)

And choices do have consequences. What would be the consequences of choosing to exact the same kind of revenge on the attackers home ground, where thousands of innocent people get wiped out there, too?

That’s right -- more of the same.

Now I’m not saying that we sit on our butts and let the attackers get away with it. Not at all. They deserve the punishment they so richly merit -- and have coming to them. But who are you punishing? When you see that "they" are just like "me" -- that there is no "they" -- there’s only We (and only One of That) then what?

Then you can make a choice for your Self. Finding out who did this -- and punishing them is one thing. But holding onto your fear and anger and sorrow -- wanting to feel a great moment of wonderful revenge -- is another thing. It will just continue to perpetuate the fear and hate cycle, forever.

Feel the fear. Feel the anger and the sorrow. Know that’s it all emotion, and emotion is OK. It’s energy in motion. You can choose to have it carry you down to the deepest depths of despair. Or you can choose to have it lift you up to the heights.

By choosing the upward spiraling energy, and not allowing yourself to spiral downwards, you raise your consciousness to See. You See it’s not "us" and "them" -- it’s all "we." And we are One thing.

And as we band together on this planet, each an individual expression of the great We, then the new dawn happens. We enter the "peace that lasts a thousand years."

So what choice will you make? To spiral downwards to fear, anger and joyous revenge?

Or to see with the eyes of compassion and stop the cycle forever?

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