Just picture yourself wandering around every day with no name. The man from the grocery store says, “Hello…guy that, uhh, bought a candy bar from me.” Your girlfriend comes over, “You want to go out tonight…ummm…guy that I’m dating. Mom dials and says, “You haven’t called in a while…boy… that I was in labor with for twenty six hours. It’s not a very happy existence at all, is it?

But isn’t that we all do on a daily basis? How many of us go around every day and forget someone’s name (I know you have your hand up). We’ve all been in a situation where we meet someone whose name escapes us. “Hey, what’s up….buddy.” When we employ phrases like “hi buddy,” or “chief,” or “what’s up…big fella,” we are treating that person exactly like the guy with no name. So is a name really that important…YES!

If you forget someone’s name while doing business will you make the sale or close the deal? Maybe. But think how YOU feel when you’re forgotten or worse; they call you by the wrong name. This could definitely be a deal breaker. So is remembering names really that important? YES!

If remembering names is so important, then why does everyone (outside the memory experts) stink at it? Well, for one thing, we don’t really pay attention in the first place, so it’s immediately forgotten. Sure, there are many tricks and techniques taught in most mainstream books, but they take time and effort to succeed.

I have a suggestion. Why don’t we just position the alphabet on the face in easy to remember locations? When you meet someone you will know exactly where to look to remember his or her name. This encourages you to make more eye contact, which in turn shows them that you care about them, and at the same time ingrains their name in your memory banks. You remember their name and they like you. When they like you, they will buy from you. It’s a win-win situation.

Author's Bio: 

For the past twenty years Jeff Korn has been a certified trainer, instructor, seminar leader and actor who has authored the book “How to Incredibly Good With Names.” His simple system shows you how to remember names by simply looking at their face. For more information on the book or a laugh-filled seminar: www.goodwithnames.com