Dear Friend,

"When you are with others, realize that they too are Lights of God who are also trying to find their way ... to a better, happier and more graceful life."

"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." Albert Schweitzer

Divine Spirit provides many paths for Soul to take back home to God. That's my ultimate destination on a journey that's never-ending -- back home to God. We need to be aware and know that each path fits the consciousness of like-minded groups or people. Each religion or spiritual path that one takes is designed for your state of consciousness at that point in time. That is why there is no reason to look down on any religious teaching.

For me, every Master here on earth and every Master on the inner has some one thing to teach me that I need to know in order to grow and have balance and connect with the light within me and the light within everything. I also know that while we are all "light" that within some of humankind, that light has dimmed. I am grateful for sharing and shedding light and I amgrateful for the light of understanding more of the things that I thought I knew and did not know, really.

Love, Light and Blessings!

Author's Bio: 

I'm Brenda J. Crawford-Bee and I own and operate a home-based business, Busy Beez Services. I am a Professional Transcriptionist and a Writer, inspiring and motivating, uplifting and empowering. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and after completing high school and business college, I felt a wanderlust and was off to "find myeslf," which was thee thing to be in search of in the '60s, so, I relocated to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 19 years old I received my Certification as a Business Instructor in the State of Illinois and began teaching at a private business college, Chicago Professional College, where I taught for eight years, the subjects of shorthand, typing, transcription, and secretarial procedures. After many successful graduates came back to me with thanks and gratitude for their successful careers, some in the area of law, I decided to become a Legal Secretary.

I worked in Chicago for a Senior Partner in the area of Probate and Estate Planning while teaching night classes at CPC. Some years later, I felt again the wanderlust to see what else life had to teach me and took a Greyhound Bus to San Francisco, California, where, I worked as a Temp in various well-known law firms. Wanderlust hit me again and eperienced many more journeys and opportunites and experiences, then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I became an Independant Contracting Legal Secretary and provided services to Court Reporters, attorneys and law firms. There, I became a member of the Legal Secretary Association and also worked with well-known attorneys and law firms in the areas of litigation and medical malpratice.

My journey to find myself, led me to Los Angeles, California, the state in which I continued my career as a Professional Legal Secretary working for three of the top five law firms in Los Angeles, and met people from various professions and walks of life. I started my first business , BJ Services, a secretarial service, in the legal and entertainment fields. Los Angeles is where I met and married my husband, who at that time was a radio jazz personality, known as, Tommy Bee and who worked with the late Chuck Niles. I worked in the entertainment field as a TV and movie extra and starred in a movie, and was featured in various TV shows.

After almost 27 years together, we now reside in Phoenix, Arizona. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and I am now his full-time caregiver. I've learned from him that "marriage of the heart has allowed each of us to remain individuals, but yet, that we are one." Along the way I did "find myself" but the search is not over. One of the most important truths I discovered is that I am Soul, a co-worker with God and I am still learning. I'm learning that being a co-worker with God, the universe, I must work quietly and efficiently and humbly. My journey has taught me to share more, to give more, to receive more and to just be...

In my search I discovered a path that has allowed me to grow into me, to be, and to love and to allow others to be, and to love however they are able to, at any given time. I know the Light and the Sound of God -- it is the food for Soul, for me, and that Soul cannot live without these two aspects of God coming into its being every day.