Use this powerful and explosive technique to activate the Law of Attraction, think like a millionaire, acquire the Millionaire Mind and achieve your financial goals.

Before we continue, let's quickly review the Law of Belief (known by most people as the Law of Attraction). The Law of Attraction simply states that "Whatever you deeply BELIEVE at the subconscious level, you will materialize in your life", "It is done unto you as you BELIEVE", "What you deeply BELIEVE, you GET".

Your beliefs/values (1) cause:

(2) what you predominantly think about (thought pattern),
(3) what you predominantly focus on ,
(4) your feeling/emotions (emotional 'states'),
(5) your current attitudes, and
(6) your current behaviors and the actions you take.

As a consequence of (1) through (6) above, you (your Subconscious mind is more accurate) are constantly sending out into the Universe a specific type of vibrations which will attract into your life, through the Law of Attraction, results which will exactly MATCH #1 through #6 above. It is the Law.

The PRIMARY cause is always a belief/value.

Think about billionaire Donald Trump.

No matter what project Donald Trump chooses, once he decides on it and MAKES UP HIS MIND TO WIN, he wins BIG! It is all about achieving a 'state' of total and complete belief and absolute certainty in success, in winning. And that can only be achieved once you have a mind where even the tiniest idea of failure or losing is never entertained -- not even for a second.

And Donald Trump is superb at managing his own mind and keeping it FREE from any thoughts of failure and defeat. (Read his latest book "Think Big"). He has the "Billionaire Mind". That's the REAL secret of his success because 'everything begins in his mind' - and he knows it.

Without that Billionaire Mind (made up of all his beliefs, values and rules, which in turn govern all his thinking pattern, what he predominantly focus on daily, his predominant mental states, his attitudes and behaviors), NO amount of knowledge would make Donald Trump what he is today. The right mindset (beliefs, values and rules) always comes FIRST. Knowledge comes after that.

Just like Donald Trump MINUS his total belief in his success would not be the Donald Trump you all know, IF you do not have a total belief and absolute certainty that you will succeed, NO amount of knowledge will make you win - be it in the stock market, commodities, real estate or in any other area (even the Lottery).

IF you totally and completely BELIEVE you will win, you SHALL. Otherwise, the universal Law of Attraction (= Law of Belief) does NOT work or has exceptions.

And for you to use the Law of Attraction and achieve your goal(s), you need the SAME 'Donald Trump' type of mindset -- a 'state' of total belief and absolute certainty that you shall achieve what you desire.

Your ONLY roadblock is in developing that absolute BELIEF and total CERTAINTY that you are going to achieve your goal, that your desired end-result is already coming to you, no matter what, no matter who.

And in order to experience that emotional/mental STATE of total belief and absolute certainty, all your beliefs, values and rules must be aligned, there must be NO conflict among them, and you must at all times watch your Self-Talk and make certain that you immediately ZAP from your mind any negative, destructive thoughts the moment they enter your mind and immediately replace them with the thoughts that you are going to win, that you shall accomplish your goals.

Here is a simple way that will help you achieve that state of total belief and absolute.

It should be perfectly understood that you must FIRST identify and eliminate all limiting beliefs and conflicting values and rules, and replace them with the ones that will support the achievement of a specific goal you made up your mind to achieve. That must always be done FIRST.

Then, you can apply a very simple technique used by M.R. Kopmeyer in his work "Kop's keys - How to get whatever you want". Let's assume your goal is to make $1,000,000 this year.

Here is how you would apply this technique:

1 - First thing in the morning, when you wake up and before getting out of bed, repeat mentally or aloud, over and over again, for 10-15 minutes "Make a million, make a million, make a million".

2 - Several times a day, sit down in a relaxed position. close your eyes, relax as much as possible and then repeat over and over for about 10-15 minutes "Make a million, make a million, make a million". Even 5 minutes will benefit you.

3 - All throughout the day, keep repeating mentally to yourself (or aloud if you prefer and there is nobody around who may think you are crazy), "Make a million, make a million, make a million" over and over again. You may repeat this 'programming' instruction mentally, aloud and even sing it.

4 - Then, at night fall asleep repeating over and over again "Make a million, make a million, make a million".

Let your Subconscious mind work on and suggest to you the 'ways' to make that million. open yourself to ALL possibilities - even winning big in the lottery. (Refer to our published article "Millionaire Mind - Win the Lottery: Is it Luck or Law of Attraction?")

Start now!

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