As you likely already know it is important to maintain control over your blood pressure. Natural and alternative treatments for controlling blood pressure is rapidly increasing in popularity among people everywhere. Lowering high blood pressure with spices could very well be the most appreciated method to date.

Not only are you able to maintain flavor in your foods but you can also experiment to find the idea blend of spices to meet your needs. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when you are preparing your meals if you have high blood pressure:

1. Eliminate packaged and prepared meals. These are generally high in sodium which is going to increase your blood pressure.

2. Be creative with flavor. You can use a variety of spices, herbs and even fruit juices to add flavor to your foods.

3. Avoid adding salt to your foods. This includes when you are cooking d at the table.

4. If you are using can foods you should rinse them before preparing the meal. This will remove most of the salt and additives used to preserve the food.

When you are cooking you should consider thinking outside of the box for flavor. There are several spices and herbs that you can add to your food that will not only compliment the flavor but also improve your blood pressure level and bring it to a healthier number. Here are some of the spices and herbs that have been linked to lowering blood pressure:

* Thyme
* Basil
* Poultry seasoning
* Bay leaves
* Red pepper
* Black Pepper
* Chili Powder
* Parsley
* Cinnamon
* Paprika
* Curry powder
* Oregano
* Dry mustard
* Onion powder
* Garlic powder

If you can incorporate some of these into your daily meals you will likely be able to not only control your high blood pressure. Each of these have been linked to lowering blood pressure. Not only can you improve your overall health with eating healthy foods but you can decrease your high blood pressure as well. Including these spices can enhance the flavor of your foods just enough to satisfy your taste buds without having to risk increasing your blood pressure.

Lowering high blood pressure with spices is not only healthy but also quite a tasty alternative. You will likely be able to find so new recipes to use these spices or if you prefer you can use your existing recipes and substitute some of the above mentioned spices while eliminating salt.

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