What does it take to go from Now to WOW! in Business and in Life? It comes down to maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses! I can recall receiving D’s and F's in my first few years of elementary school due to my seeming lack of connection with mathematics. It only got worse with the Sisters in Catholic School, who would make me stand up at the blackboard until the problem was solved. Yikes, I remember the sweat on the back of my neck , standing there feeling like I was the dumbest person in the class. But just in time.... there was that one teacher who understood the concept of identifying strengths and working with them and noted my aptitude for oral communications. "Rosemary, you read stories out loud well--You should read the school detention announcements over the intercom" Remarkably, because she put a spotlight on my strengths and not a magnifying glass on my weaknesses, I found my niche, regained my lost confidence and worked toward a 4.0. average. I still credit that teacher for my entering college at the age of 16 by early admission.

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Want to find out from those who know you best?

Identify 7 people you know who you work with, do business with or live with . They should be individuals who you respect. Tell them you are doing a personal inventory and would like them to identify 5 of your greatest strengths and 5 of your greatest weaknesses.

Here are the ground-rules :

You cannot challenge them, and may only ask these two questions. "Can you give me an example?" or "Can you explain that for me a little bit?"

You may do this in person (recommended) or if you prefer via email with a follow-up question asking for an example to be provided.

At the conclusion of your quick survey, you may find that you learn about some strengths you didn't even know you had and can shine a spotlight on those to move forward in your career, your relationships and your business.

You'll also have a map to work on or minimize the weaknesses. Yes, that may include working on yourself or delegating those tasks you're simply no good at. Thank goodness, I have a good accountant and Quick Books, since when it comes to Mathematics I'm still at that blackboard.

Author's Bio: 

Rosemary Rein, Ph.D is an International Speaker, Author and Business Presentations Coach. She is the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” and “Blueprint for Success” with Dr. Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. Rosemary has presented “CEO Executive Communications Training” and “Now to WOW!™ Leadership” to the Distinguished YPO-Young President’s Organization. Dr Rein hosts “Go Wild! Go GREAT!™ Now to WOW™” Safaris around the world and at her Retreat Center in Costa Rica. www.gowildgogreat.com