Natural ways to relieve Allergies and Sinus problems
I have suffered many years from allergies and sinus problems. Each year I would have four sinus infections, which sent me to the doctors for prescription drugs to get rid of the pain and infection in my sinuses. I wasn’t able to work for about a week because I was in so much pain. Each year my sinus infections became worse. My doctor would prescribe stronger and more potent drugs as my infection was becoming immune to some of the drugs that the doctor prescribed.
I knew that I had to find a better way to get relief from these painful infections. I started to read books about what caused my sinus infections. My tonsils always had white spots on them and my doctor couldn’t answer me why the spots were there. I also tested negative for strep throat.
I started to do my own research reading several books. I came to find out that I had what is called Candida, which is a condition where you have yeast over growth in your body. The first thing I read about was how eating to many simple carbohydrates such as sugar and breads could contribute to the yeast over growth in your body. This I found out can cause a sinus infection. I immediately cut back on my sugar intake along with supplementing yeast free bread in my diet. I also took pro biotics on an empty stomach twice a day. Two capsules in the morning and two before bedtime. The pro biotics help to replace the friendly bacteria in your bowel that the antibiotics have wiped out. Pro biotics help to strengthen your immune system.
The most helpful product that I used was a Neti Pot. I received great relief from the pain in my sinuses when I used my Neti pot twice daily. The Neti pot is a ceramic pot that you put warm water, salt & a Neti wash into, and then you put the pot up to one nostril while bending over to wash the sinus out. The nasal wash has been used for decades as a means of treating, sinus problems, colds, allergies and chronic post-nasal drip. The neti wash contains zinc, goldenseal root, grape fruit seed along with other natural ingredients to clean out all the mucous from your sinus. Grapefruit seed extract has been used by the natural foods industry for over 20 years as an antibiotic, disinfectant and antiseptic.
What a relief it is not to take drugs or have any sinus infections any more. What a great and simple way to help your self breath easier. Feel free to email me with any questions that you might have.

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My name is Jody Kelly. I live in the state of Illinois & have been a certified natural health professional since Dec. 2001. I have studied alternative health for 25+ years. I'm very interested in Nature & herbs. Through my herblogy classes, I have learned to formulate my own products such as herbal skin care for those stubborn rashes, natural body butters, bath salts, cough syrup, upper respitory oils, massage oils & many more helpful items for natural health.
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