Did you know that kidney stone surgery costs thousands of dollars and is often unnecessary? It's true! Though kidney surgery is considered a simple surgery, it is often unneeded to get rid of kidney stones. Let me explain!

Imagine you have a simple headache because of a stressful day. You call your doctor to see how to treat your headache and he says he wants to do brain surgery. That's ridiculous and unrealistic because headaches don't require brain surgery. However, the same thing is happening with kidney stones. Kidney stones can often be dissolved and passed naturally with no surgery but doctors don't think twice about sending you to the surgery room. Why is this?

Allow Doctors to Take Care of Your Health?

Did you know that doctor visits have increased exponentially over the past two decades? In fact, hospitals, doctors and pharmacies have become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. You can almost drive around your neighborhood and hand pick which house is owned by someone in the medical field. And unfortunately, we are now living in one of the first generations where we rely on doctors to take care of our health. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Though doctors and hospitals serve a great purpose in society, they should not be the caregivers to our body. You Should! Why? Because your body is one of the most miraculous living things which can actually heal itself if giving the right means. And it can even naturally dissolve and pass kidney stones!

Why Kidney Stones Are Formed

Kidney Stones are most often formed because of a lack of hydration (water) which results in lower levels of urine. Due to the lack of water in the body, calcium deposits form thus creating kidney stones. You might have heard that kidney stones are formed from drinking too much soda. In a way this is true and not true.

Drinking soda allows the person to feel like they are well hydrated. However, soda is a diuretic which causes the body to excrete urine faster which causes dehydration. Thus, by drinking soda you greatly increase your likelihood of forming kidney stones.

Dissolving Kidney Stones at Home

You can actually dissolve and pass kidney stones at home with two simple ingredients. The first ingredient (phosphoric acid) consists of dissolving the kidney stones with higher levels of acids. Don't be nervous about acids because half the foods/drinks we digest have acids in them. The acidic drink creates a hostile environment for kidney stones and actually begins the dissolving process of the stones in minutes. By drinking a specific amount for the first two hours in the treatment, you can actually dissolve your kidney stones so they will be able to pass them in hours. The next step is a simple body flush which will pass the kidney stones in hours while also leaving your body hydrated from the dissolving the stones.

Everything listed above can be done with two simple ingredients which dissolve and pass your kidney stones in less than 24 hours! And your body does all the work without stepping foot near a hospital.

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Naturally Dissolve Kidney Stones

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