Some people believe Law of Attraction or positive thinking is a waste of time. Use this simple technique of Neville Goddard’s, and watch what happens.

Let’s face it, there’s a myriad of techniques people can wrap their mind around in order to make a goal or dream happen. Neville Goddard offered many ideas, but one in particular was to write a letter you’d like to receive from someone. Of course, the Internet age wasn’t around when he proposed this.

So, I wrote down the email I wanted to receive from a client. It included a dollar amount. You see, we’d agreed on a deposit for my latest editing service, but his situation changed unexpectedly. Rather than our having the option to work on his manuscript until it was truly completed, we had to do the best both of us could.

The deposit had to be the final fee. My personal integrity and respect for my client and his brilliant first novel led me to go beyond what he could pay for. I decided to use Neville’s suggestion and composed an email from the client stating he’d pay me Z (more) rather than X, as agreed. I didn’t limit the imaginary email to just my concerns, though; I had him inform me that his situation had improved.

I read this before I went to bed for five nights in a row. His email received on the sixth day stated he was going to pay me Z rather than X. The exact amount I’d written down.

At the same time I wrote his email, I wrote two others. Let me be clear: I didn’t simply write what I wanted and waited, there was action involved. I want the other two, as well, and action is being taken to open a way for them to happen. There are times when I think an intention and it shows up, but either I turn up at the right place at the right time or do something else that allows me and my desired outcome to connect. Maybe you want to know more about the mechanics that makes this technique work. There are certainly enough sources for you to do some research on it.

Neville offered that instead of only thinking OF a thing, you should think FROM it. In other words, make it as real in your imagination as possible. Writing and reading a letter, imagining you really did receive it (or them), allows you to do this. If you’d like the link for the two recordings I listened to, email me and I’d be delighted to share them with you.

In the meantime, what kind of letter would you like to receive? Get pen and paper or your keyboard ready and put it down. Pick one thing per letter, though, so you’re specific. It’s almost a new year. What do you desire or intend?

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