Numbers are the only exact science of the Universe that we have. To work with numbers and discover how they have the ability to trigger memories within the soul consciousness has been documented by many a metaphysician. Numbers help up to understand energy and vibration. They assist us in using the Sacred Geometries to trigger our superconscious mind and chakra centers. Exploring numbers and colors are exceptional tools for advancing our intuitive abilities and self-awareness.
Lets take you birth and soul number for example. If you take and add together all the numbers of the day month and year that you were born, you will find your soul path number vibration. Let's say you were born 1/15/1929. When you add all of these numbers together you get 1+15=16 +21=37/1. What I did to get a one was to add 3 +7=10 and 1+0= 1. Your soul path number is 37/1 or 10/1 depending on how you wish to evolve with the numbers.
Numerology is not only fun but also filled with an amazing amount of information to help you understand the vibration and frequencies that numbers play in your life cycles. Sacred Geometries are a complete set of geometrical figures that present different energetic fields of energy for you to participate in. These symbols also help you to trigger memories on a cellular level and bring a trigger to soul memory. Sacred Geometries have name such as metaforms, hexagram, pentagon, and octagon. Just looking at these metaforms can open your third eye or activate various other centers of awareness within your being. To imagine that just looking at the right kind of geometric figure could awaken and enlighten you is awesome.
There are so many books to read and study in Numerology and Sacred Geometries that you will never tire of these subjects and the enlightenment they bring.
The Planets are an interesting phenomenon as well. One does not need to become an astrologer or and astronomer to study the Planets and the heavenly bodies surrounding them. The planets in our solar system effect everything that goes on in our life from the day we are born. Their placement in our Astrological Birth Charts can help us better understand ourselves and our experiences in life. Each of the planets has it's own vibration and energy, just as each of us do. They each also have a Master Teacher that works within them as well a direction and momentum about which we know little except in mathematical terms.
In meditation you can sit and ask to tune into the energy of say Mars or Saturn and try to see what different types of energy you feel from them. You can get to know the planets and their energies and understand how they affect you. This will help you understand how to transmute hard aspects of energy in your birth chart. You can read about basic astrology and what aspects are. There are many beginner books that help you learn what the aspects mean and how they affect the individual as well as the world. Too often we think we must become an expert at something or it is of little value to learn. This is a myth. Intuitively we come remember many things as we look into and begin to explore them.
Tools for awareness and understanding of our intuition and spirit essence are not taught to us as young children in life so when we awaken to the fact that we are much more than simply flesh and blood we need to find new tools. Just as we had to learn our ABC's and addition so do we have to teach our intuitive body how to communicate and develop itself. Oddly enough it is through the playing and exploration of new tools that we discover what works best for us individually.
Intuition can guide us daily in our every move if we decide to let it. There are no guarantees in life so we do not expect our intuition to always be right, but through its development we certainly live a more helpful and fulfilled quality of life.
Dreams are another important tool that can be used and developed as we explore our inner nature and intuitive knowing. Some people easily remember their dreams while others rarely do so. Dreaming can and is experienced on so many different levels that it is helpful to read about things like lucid dreaming and creative dreaming. Dream interpretation can become an art. Dream journaling is extremely fun and important to the avid dreamer. I have found that there are periods where I remember a lot of dreams and others when I remember few. I have also found that by writing dreams down interpretation often automatically takes place. I often am aware I am dreaming while it is occurring. This is called lucid dreaming. I have also discovered that I sometimes dream in color and often in luminescent color.
Sometimes I realize that I go through different levels of evolution in my dreams. Things I call baptisms of water or fire. My dreams tell me when I am confused as well as when I have reached new heights in my awareness. I have also experienced past life dreams and even fear dreams that I needed to overcome.
I have discovered that spirit guides are often in our dreams assisting us. When we dream of people we do not seem to know personally yet seem to be a natural part of what our dreams are about, they are our spirit guides.
One simple way to begin interpreting your dreams is to after writing one down try to see what it would mean if everyone in the dream were you. This method can give you an entirely different perspective on what the dream might be trying to tell you about yourself or situation.
Another method is to write your dream down and then take it into a meditation and see what perception you receive. A dream and meditation can go hand in hand to provide great insight into a troubling mater or answers to a prayer.
Most people think that dreams should hold some premonitory meaning. They want premonitions of the future and disasters to prove that dreams can be premonitory.
Most "so called premonitory" dreams are fear dreams. These are brought about by the individuals need to prove something to themselves about premonitions. I am sure that there are a few individuals out there that have a gift of premonitory dreams, but I also quite sure it is a small number.
In dreaming we often discover that the subconscious mind is releasing stored information that we place there. Fear dreams are usually telling us we need to do some work on ourselves to overcome the fears we hold inside.
Dreams, like the study of planets and geometries, happen on many different levels. We can, through all of these studies, become aware of the astral plane and how close a part of life and learning it is. We can discover ourselves as soul and spirit as well as better understand our mind and emotions.
These tools are not only for beginners but people at all stages of their development. They are like a set of keys that will get used again and again and will lead to more advanced learning and perception as they are.

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Athene Raefiel is an Author, Clairvoyant, Life Coach and Speaker.
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