I will not hide from who I am inside.

Now learning and always asking God…to light my way

The more I’m able to Love myself, the more I can give, to others.

For I am here, on this planet, to express my true being!

Why should I allow illusion, grief, and fear, to ever hold me back?

Such a perfectionist, yes I am…
recording each song, committing hundreds of hours...

Expressing humor, in the most uninhibited ways.

Every outlet of my creative expression,

Holds the intent of connecting with Infinite Love.

A willingness, to heal all aspects of myself, and all those who are open.

Effortlessly motivated, discovering amazing ways to transform allergies, physical pain, trauma and emotional issues.

Clearly I am here, to make our world a better place.

Self-acceptance has a global impact, far beyond our limited perceptions.

I release my grief, unrealistic expectations, apprehensions, and fears.

I am now healing, embracing the willingness to serve,
to transcend the darkness,

And harmonize within God’s glorious light.

In each precious moment, becoming aware, of being truly free!

Author's Bio: 

Steven has over 30 years experience in healing and personal empowerment. Areas of expertise include: The Lifeline Technique, Touch For Health, Zero Balancing, NAET Allergy Elimination, Emotional Freedom Techniques.
He Specializes in Long-Distance Healing, Techniques,
Resolving Past Trauma, Understanding Mind and Body Relationships, Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
Accessing The Body’s Innate Wisdom.
He has facillitated several hundred lectures and classes,
And appeared on cable television, and radio interviews.

Website: www.globalhealingsolutions.com

E-mail: stevenmayber@comcast.net

Office: 847-275-2932