A non-medical treatment that works permanently and is not chiropractic, is it possible? It may sound too good to be true but those who have traveled long distances to have the luxation of their Atlas permanently realigned are believers. The AtlasPROfilax ® treatment is a one-time, non-medical treatment of the dislocated Atlas, the Atlas being the first cervical vertebra in the spine that carries the head and is responsible for the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.

You may ask, “How do I know whether my Atlas is dislocated?” The fact is Rene-Claudius Schuemperli of Switzerland discovered in 1993 that the Atlas is dislocated in most humans. The Atlas becomes dislocated through natural birth, cesarean or injury. One indication of body imbalance is having one leg slightly shorter than the other (or one hip or shoulder slightly higher when you look in the mirror).

When a baby is born, the two pins that hold the Atlas in its proper place are not fully formed. In the West, the Atlas becomes dislocated through the use of forceps at birth or hanging the baby upside down right after birth. Additionally, placing the baby on its stomach during the first months after birth when the pins are growing and hardening, strains its neck. The Atlas can also become dislocated through head or neck injury.

When the Atlas is out of alignment (as pictured on the left) the body can suffer from numerous physical and psychological ailments and illnesses that one would not ordinarily relate to a problem originating in the neck. Some of symptomatic ailments that have been successfully treated include headaches, PMS, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, insomnia, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal cord.

Continuous pressure on the spinal cord, the cerebral nerves, various arteries and vessels, etc., causes severe physical and mental disturbances, ailments and illnesses. Because the Atlas carries not only the skull, but also constitutes suspension, balance and control of the spine and the human skeleton, a dislocated Atlas causes serious disturbances and changes in the posture. The spine also has to compensate for the defective position of the Atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint which can cause many common back and spine ailments.

When the Atlas is in its correct position, the brain can function undisturbed. Stress, tension and pressure from the brain stem are removed. This reactivates the flow of healing messages from the brain to affected parts of the body and the self-healing process begins. The entire human body begins to function better.

R.C. Schuemperli developed a method, which is unique world-wide, to gently install the Atlas to its proper position with only one application, accurately, safely and permanently. It allows the Atlas to return back into its natural position and the spinal column to realign itself and remain properly positioned (unless the Atlas is moved out of alignment through subsequent injury).

There are some chiropractic treatments that try to realign the Atlas but the problem often is that these methods are not permanent. The AtlasPROfilax treatment is not a chiropractic treatment. The treatment actually utilizes a tool developed to pulsate at a certain frequency which gently relaxes the muscles holding the Atlas allowing it to be repositioned gently and safely.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and the boundless amount of positive testimonials Jeff St. Onge (one of only 4 people certified in California to perform the treatment) has received is astounding. Jeff has been a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner for 17 years and also an instructor for 16 years so he is intimately familiar with the joy of healing people naturally. He just wasn’t prepared for the overwhelmingly positive impact he has been having on other people’s lives since becoming certified in the Atlas installation. One such client, Rick, told Jeff, “After suffering from headaches almost every day of my life, not one has returned since receiving my treatment. Thank you Jeff and Atlasprofilax – you’ve changed my life.”

Therese Patterson, co-owner of EdibleNature.com an online organic and natural products superstore, received the treatment as part of her on-going search for safe and natural remedies. She immediately had better range of motion in her neck and within days, noticeable relief from neck and shoulder pain.

Another recent life-altering experience came from Andraya Saad who was the first person from Brazil to receive the AtlasPROfilax treatment. She immediately felt a rush of energy and the next morning she reported feeling “balanced and clear headed like never before”. Jeff is now in the process of arranging for a trip to Brazil to treat a group of over 20 individuals there.

To schedule an appointment with Jeff St. Onge or for more information on this revolutionary non-invasive technique, contact him at 619.701.5105 or go to Atlasprofilax.com. We all deserve to live the fullest, balanced and pain free life we were meant to live.

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Therese Patterson is co-owner of EdibleNature.com which is dedicated to providing the finest selection of natural, holistic, and organic products from quality manufacturers who are dedicated to cruelty free and ecologically sustainable production. What's good for the Earth is good for you, your home, and your family.