Recently a client explained to me that her elderly mother had undergone emergency surgery and had been suffering in the hospital for the last several weeks. My client wished to know whether her mother would recover and regain her health or whether the opposite would be true. Questions like this are always the most difficult for me to answer. Not because the answers elude me but because there are such a variety of moral and ethical issues involved in offering the response.

I have a moral and ethical objection to predicting the death of a human being. In the first place I am not a medical doctor and it is unethical as well as illegal for me to offer a diagnosis of medical conditions. I am also convinced that the prediction of someone's death makes it more likely to occur. A doctor who assumes his critically ill patient will die and further assumes that his patient can do nothing about it is much more likely to die than one whose doctor believes otherwise. This is a fact that is often overlooked by patients as well as medical staff when dealing with seriously ill people. Beliefs can make all the difference. So it is with this perspective that I am reluctant and refuse to predict the death of a client or a client's relative.

Several years ago I predicted the assassination of a well known political figure. When making this prediction public I purposely omitted the name of the politician for the reasons mentioned above. I felt at the time that by making the prediction known that it may somehow be avoided. I was wrong in my thinking and the assassination took place on the day and month that it was predicted to. In retrospect I believe that in this particular case I would have been morally correct in publicizing the name of the assassination target. So strong was the impression that I received regarding this death that my influence as its predictor would have been insignificant. Would the assassination have been prevented if I had? I do not believe so. Would I do things differently today under similar circumstances? Yes.

When posed with questions of life and death I am guided as much by intuition as I am by morals and ethics. Usually when I conduct a reading there is a free flowing of impressions and ideas which form the basis of my responses to questions. The same is true even with questions of life and death. I must admit however that my answers to such questions are filtered through a moral cloth.

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Jeffry R. Palmer is an Intuitive Adviser, author and researcher who offers psychic readings by email from his website Psychic Clairvoyant Readings.