Re-kindle the Motivation Fire

“Today, take responsibility for your life. Have the courage to live it to the best of your ability”. Frank Richelieu, the Art of Being Yourself

One of the hardest challenges we all face in our lives is staying motivated. Whether it’s our job, work, staying healthy, or keeping our relationships stimulating and growing, we all ebb and flow in our motivation cycles. No one’s fire burns all the time. We actually need that ebb and flow to distinguish where we are and what we need to do to jump start things.

The classic driving components of motivation are having a passion and a clearly defined purpose. When you combine that passion and purpose with drive, energy and commitment, then motivation is fired up. Passion and purpose are by far some of the strongest emotions and beliefs we experience. They touch us so deeply and leave an indelible enduring residual. Think about the people, places and things that you have been truly passionate about in your life. I mean the passions that propelled you to be better and feel more deeply.

So let’s look at these driving components of motivation:

1) Passion-are you passionate about who you are and what you are doing now? If not, then find the courage to become who you want to be and do what you really want to do.
2) Drive-do you have that “wanting it so much” that you are willing to take the calculated risks, mentality?
3) Risk Taking-have you identified what risks you can afford to take on the way to achieving your goals?
4) Commitment-are your goals written down? Are the tasks necessary to attain your goals outlined realistically?

Motivation has to have a pay off, a reward.

What qualities help us realize our p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l?

• Purpose-personal mission
• Optimism-positive attitude
• Tenacity-keep trying
• Enthusiasm-deep belief
• Nurture-learn and grow
• Trust-honor your word
• Integrity-honesty and loyalty
• Attainable-realistic goals
• Love-who you are and what you do

What motivates you?
A role model

What is your call to action now?

What bold actions are you prepared to implement to realize your potential?

What pay off are you expecting from your actions?

Find your passions and purpose. They can be small and simple.
Find your drive and commitment. It can be about one important thing.

Begin now and start today to rekindle your motivation fire.
Enjoy the ride and savor the way it makes you feel about yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Train with Shane provides motivational sales coaching, training and consulting customized and relevant to a company’s needs and sales culture. We train sales teams, or coach individuals to integrate essential sales fundamentals into their day to day selling challenges and tasks. The ideas and concepts for TWS come from Deborah’s collective experience in entertainment, teaching, media sales and mentoring over the past twenty four years. Most of her sales career was in corporate America with Cox Radio and Clear Channel. Her training and coaching began in 1994 both in the Continuing Education school system and in broadcast media. She has designed and developed several sales curricula. She has a BA in English with a Teaching Certification from Florida Atlantic University.