In relationships we all have responsibilities as well as rights. Rights are about independence - responsibilities are more relational. Yet neither can exist without the other. Having rights means you also have responsibilities, and vice versa.

A relationship gives both parties equal rights and responsibilities and it is worth being clear about them. You may be clear in your own mind, but rights are granted and responsibilities are given, so both sides need to be clear. If you think you have a right and your partner does not, there could be trouble; just as if you think your partner has a responsibility but they don’t agree.

What rights do you think you have in your relationship? Make a list.
Now imagine that you are your partner in this relationship and look from their perspective. From their perspective, do you agree with this list?
Still looking from your partner’s point of view, what responsibilities would you expect to accompany these rights?

Now, from your point of view again, what responsibilities do you think you have towards your partner?
What do you take care of within the relationship?
Which household jobs do you do?
Who earns the money?
Who looks after the money?
What others responsibilities do you perceive you have?
Make a list of your responsibilities, as you perceive them.

Now, from your partner’s perspective again, what responsibilities do they expect from you?

Make a comparison of your lists - they can make very interesting reading! If they show a large discrepancy, get you partner to check them through too and see how you can both resolve the issues .

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