Removing Toxic Heavy Metals
May Reduce Chronic Illnesses and Improve Your Overall Health

Rita Ellithorpe, MD and Robert Settineri MS
Mecial Director of Tustin Longevity Center, Tustin, CA

An Emerging Health Crisis

Some of the most dangerous emerging diseases facing society today are directly related to exposures to deadly environmental toxins. Of particular concern are oxidative (damaging) toxins from heavy metals. For example, 45 states have issued mercury advisories from coal-fired plants as well as for nine or more waterways in this country from fish. Exposure to heavy metal toxins, such as lead, is linked with a 46% increase in the mortality rate, according to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The numbers of toxins released into the air, water, and land are increasing at a record rate, and we are paying the price.

The Devastating Impact of Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals in the environment have both an economic and medical cost. For example, men in California’s fishing industry have sued the state over heavy metal contamination due to their livelihood. Pregnant women are now warned not to eat certain fish, such as tuna, because of its mercury content. The Environmental Protection Agency has now doubled its estimate of children with toxic levels of mercury in their blood. In the home, arsenic has been found in the wood used for construction.

Due to the growing presence of heavy metal toxins, it is imperative we incorporate avoiding them into a daily lifestyle. This includes reducing or eliminating exposure to heavy metal-associated agents, such as aluminium cookware, amalgam dental fillings, antiperspirants, baking powder, batteries, bleached flour, some fish, fertilizers, fluoridated water, and tobacco smoke.

Some of the most toxic and commonly found heavy metals are mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic, and nickel. Many of these impact the nervous system and are linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, while others can harm the kidneys, bones, and immune and cardiovascular systems.

In reviewing archaeological studies of ancient bones and comparing them to ours today, experts have found about a 1,000 times the amount of certain heavy metals deposited into inner tissues, fat, bones, and ligaments of people today. The result may explain the surge in gastrointestinal-related adverse health symptoms, such as fungal mycotoxins as well as intestinal and a host of other disorders.

We All Must Remove the Heavy Metal Build-up in our Bodies
Heavy metals accumulate in various tissues and are associated with increases in today’s biggest killers: cardiovascular disease and cancer. Reducing these heavy metals from the body has been a challenge to modern day medicine. Current treatment consists of measuring via blood tests chronic low levels of heavy metals in the body, then attempt to remove them from blood and issue using invasive, harsh and expensive methods. Thus instead of focusing on crisis management and a removal of heavy metals from blood and tissues, there is a need to concentrate on prevention. Unfortunately, there are no “safe” or “acceptable” levels of these agents in blood. Low levels are dangerous because they allow tissue accumulation and can therefore become stored for long periods of time in the body. Since the blood levels of heavy metals are likely in equilibrium with tissue levels, the tissue levels become higher as toxic heavy metal concentrations increase in the blood circulation.

Clinical Proof of Health Benefits with Suppository Detoxification
In our clinic (Tustin Longevity Center in Tustin, CA), we perform random blood samples on most patients. Every one had toxic heavy metals present in their blood and very likely in their tissues as well. Most patients have multiple heavy metal concentrations that are in the elevated range, and several of them even reach potentially toxic ranges.

Intravenous EDTA Chelation (chelators grab onto toxins, pull them out of deep tissues and eliminate them in urine and feces) makes it possible to remove heavy metals. However, this method is invasive, burdensome, and expensive. Fortunately there is now a new rectal suppository method available for chelating and removing toxic metals from the circulation and deposits in tissue storage sites. This safe and gentle suppository is Detoxamin™, from World Health Products. It is taken just before bedtime and works gently and slowly throughout the evening while you sleep. I conducted studies that show Detoxamin is medically similar to IV administration of EDTA. My research team has found that Detoxamin stays in the blood circulation for over eight hours, whereas IV only lasts several hours. The EDTA when delivered by Detoxamin penetrates tissues 3.5 times higher than IV method.

We also published clinical studies on men with moderate to severe prostate conditions and showed a dramatic improvement in reducing their symptoms, decreasing their toxic heavy metal load and improving their healthy blood cholesterol levels using EDTA suppositories.

We have studied the presence of heavy metals in over 3,000 patients using a diagnostic blood test. When these patients use the Detoxamin chelation suppositories, their circulation is enhanced. Improved circulation typically translates into overall health improvement resulting in general well being. Other benefits include increased energy, endurance, and mental clarity from enhanced nutrient delivery and detoxification. These patients also experience reduced blood pressure levels and laboratory studies for inflammatory markers also show reductions.

We have confidence in only this particular brand, Detoxamin, because its efficacy has been proven through clinical and pre-clinical studies. It is quick, easy, safe, and inexpensive (approximately 1/4 or less the cost of IV treatments). Calcium disodium EDTA chelation supports broad-spectrum heavy metal removal and is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Note that other EDTA suppositories may not be able to make the above claim, since they were not tested in similar animal and clinical studies.

Detox Summary

Everyone is accumulating heavy metal toxins. Everyone needs to reduce them. Just as vitamin C opened our understanding as and antioxidant in the 20th century, I see Detoxamin as the revolutionary import detoxifier of the 21st century.

Rita Ellithorpe, MD, received her medical degree from the Chicago Medical School/University of Health Science in North Chicago, Ill, and holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine focusing on health at the cellular level. She is the Founder and Medical Director of Tustin Longevity Center in Tustin, Calif., where more that 3000 patients have been using EDTA chelation and chelation suppositories along with her recommended foundational natural therapies. She authored the book, Detox Out of the Box.

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Author's Bio: 

Rita R. Ellithorpe, M.D.
Medical Director
Tustin Longevity Center,
Tustin California

Dr. Ellithorpe received her medical degree in 1982 from The Chicago Medical School/University of Health Science in North Chicago, IL. From there she completed her internship in family practice at Womack Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, NC in 1983. At Fort Knox, KY, she served as an emergency room staff physician, general medical officer and flight surgeon as Chief of the Aviation Clinic from 1983-1990.

Dr. Ellithorpe is a graduate and guest faculty member of Capitol University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C. since January, 2001. There she taught anti-aging medicine and natural hormone replacement therapy for women and men. She is a Diplomat of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the founder and medical director of Tustin Longevity Center. A national speaker on the topics of Oxidative Stress and Anti-Aging, she also has published her research in several peer reviewed journals. She participated in cancer investigations with Dr. Stanislaw Bruzynski at his research institute in Houston, Texas and was later published as a co-author in literature describing his unique therapy. A staff physician and Director of Women’s Studies at Whitaker Wellness Medical Clinic in Newport Beach, CA, she went on to help in the development of natural medicinal therapies at Great Smokies Medical Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Ellithorpe holds a second doctorate in integrative medicine focusing on health at the cellular level.
With a determined commitment to her patients’ nutritional road to health, she regularly reviews modalities and documents results. This is done in an effort to share, through journal publications, research of successful interventions. Dr. Ellithorpe provides a practice rooted in a functional approach which integrates the best of standard, western medicine with effective, natural therapies.