For those going through a career change, you know how stressful the entire situation can be. Finding a new job, making new resumes and going to several interviews may seem like an incredibly daunting process. However, the career transition doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are small little extras that you can do to spruce up your resume and ensure that interview. One of these things is a cover letter.

A cover letter is your way of demonstrating that you have done the homework about the company. Many people assume that a cover letter is all about you. In reality, the cover letter is about the company. It is about connecting you to that company and addressing your knowledge of the skills required to be a part of that company.

However, if you are changing careers, there’s a good chance that you are applying to several different companies and thus you may think it’s easier to just photocopy a stack of resumes and cover letters and be on your way. Unfortunately, this does not work.

The reason is because a cover letter is directed at a specific company. You need to address the position, the company and the specific skills pertaining to that position in the cover letter. A cover letter will show your potential employees that you have done the work and actually put some effort into the position.

However, it is possible to use a blind cover letter and simply fill in the blanks. You will most certainly have to adapt, tweak and target different skills in every cover letter, but, this blind cover letter is a great start. Below we have included a blind cover letter so you can simply fill in the blanks and tweak to suit the company and the position:

Dear Madam/Sir,

I read with interest your advertisement seeking an ‘insert name of position here’ at ‘insert company name here’ as I believe I possess the attributes necessary to make the role a success.

As you will see from my resume, I have a proven track record in ‘insert skill needed in the position’ as well as ‘insert previous experience that relates to the new position’.

I am also an ‘insert another skill here that relates to the job’ as well as ‘insert another skill.’ Give specific examples of these skills and how they can relate to the position at hand.

I hope to have an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I could contribute to your team.

Yours sincerely,

Your name
Your information.

As you will see, every single cover letter will be different and require you to discuss different attributes and skills. Some cover letters may address your experience and education while others might focus on your organizational skills, your attention to detail and your motivation. A cover letter demonstrates to the hiring manager that you have taken the time and the effort to read their ad, to think about the position, and to adapt this position to your personal skills and experience. This demonstrates commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, three attributes that are essential in any employee.

Author's Bio: 

David Couper is a career coach and writer who for the last twenty years has worked in Europe, Asia, and in the USA with major organizations including the BBC, Fuji Television, Mattel, Sony, and Warner Bros.

He has successfully coached individuals at all levels including CEOs of major companies wanting a new challenge, frustrated souls wanting to make their dream come true, and front-line employees laid off and desperate to get a job.

David has published seven books. His works on interpersonal skills, counseling in the workplace, and management issues (published by Connaught, Gower, HRD Press, Longman, Macmillan/Pearson Publishing, Oxford University Press) have been translated into Swedish, Polish, and Danish, and published in the UK and the USA.

David has a degree in Communication, a postgraduate qualification in education, is certified in a number of training technologies, and has a Masters in Psychology. He is a member of the American Society of Training and Development, Society of Human Resources Professional, Writers Guild and the British Academy of Film and Television.

He has dual US/UK citizenship and speaks French and Japanese.

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