When we talk of self help, it usually brings the image of a grown up person trying to improve himself. But self help is not limited to grown ups. Even teens need self-help training. Why? Because of 2 important reasons.

Here are two crucial reasons why your teenage son or daughter should start focusing on self-development:

Reason #1: Teens today live in highly competitive world

Times have changed. There is increased competition at every level. Children have to study more. Give more exams.

Also, due to fast changing technologies and global policies, nature of jobs are changing rapidly. Many old kind of jobs are disappearing. But at the same time, new opportunities and new kinds of career are emerging.

In such competitive and fast changing times, children need better training and more practical skills. So that they can make best use of opportunities around them. So that they can deal with today’s changing times better and beat any competition easily.

Self-help training helps children to develop these much needed practical skills.

A right kind of self-help training helps your teens to improve their thoughts, attitudes and habits. It helps them to develop important abilities and skills which make it easy to achieve success in life.

Reason #2: Important skills needed by teens are not taught in schools and colleges

Most of the practical success skills and abilities required to achieve success today are missing from our education system.

For example: Teens need the skill to control their mind and thoughts to combat stress and problems. Teens need the techniques to learn anything fast and succeed easily in their higher education. Teens need the skill to deal with people smartly and get ahead in their career smoothly. They need the ability to think creatively and find new ideas to beat competition.

But unfortunately, the above kinds of skills are not taught to teens in either school or college. However, think about it. If such kind of skills and techniques were taught to your teens, then they could make best use of opportunities around them. Your teenage son or daughter could easily deal with today’s changing times and achieve big success in studies, career and life easily.

That’s why self-help or self-improvement is very important, not just for grown ups but also for teens.

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Preeti Narayan is co-author of ‘Success Mindware’ a first Total self-development program for children to help them succeed in 21st century. Download popular Success Training lessons and worksheets for your children absolutely free at