Sex does not end at fifty, nor should it!Young people have no superiority over seniors. What is more, seniors can enjoy sex even more than young and middle-aged people, as they are more experienced, they know their bodies better, they had plenty of time to experiment and to try out new kinds of sexual pleasure.

What is different?

Neither men nor women lose sex drive with the increase of years, but of course there is some difference between sex in youth and senior sex.

Senior men rarer than young men have involuntary erection. They need more time to achieve erection and to cum, and this is an advantage of senior men, as they do manage satisfy the partner, unlike young men who often suffer from early ejaculation. Senior men need less frequent sex life than young men, however, if the man is healthy and has an attractive partner, he can enjoy sex up to the end of his life.

Women of climacteric age lose ability to have children, but this does not worsen their sex life. On the contrary, inability to conceive can enhance sex life as a woman is not worried about unwanted pregnancy, she can relax and concentrate on her sensations.

In spite of myth that elderly people do not have sex, about a quarter- a half of couples over 70 continue regular sex life, including those who didn't have active sex life when being younger. Sex in senior age might stop due to arthritis and other disorders, and not because of impotency and frigidity.

Regular sex is even more important when you are over 50 than in youth. If you don't have a sex partner you should find some other way to get sexual pleasure: to masturbate manually or to play with sex toys.

Women can cope with climacteric with help of hormones. However, regular sex and hormonal medication provide almost equal effect.

Tips for senior women

1. Keep in mind that a senior man needs more time and efforts to achieve arousal. Many men over 60 achieve full erection only short time before ejaculation. After ejaculation the man will be able to perform sexual intercourse in about 2-3 days.
2. Sometimes senior men get ashamed of their real or imagined sexual disorders and by all means try to avoid sex, giving such excuses as being tired or headache. Be tactful with your lover.
3. The longer you manage to make love 1-2 times a week, the better you will feel.

Sex Toys for Seniors

In fact, seniors can use all sex toys available. However, some sex toys and sex helpers can really help seniors overcome some their problems.

1. Penis pumps.. These sex toys look like a cylinder that is intended to place over the penis. The cylinder has a pump to create suction. The sex toy creates vacuum around the penis and thus it draws blood into the cock and causes it to become erect.

With help of a sex pump you will achieve very hard erection. As well you can use this sex toy for masturbation as suction created by pump seems very pleasurable to many men. If you want to maintain and to prolong erection, use a cock ring.

2. Cock rings are male sex toys that are intended to place around the penis and to trap the blood in it. Thus it makes the penis engorged and more sensitive. Cock ring enhance erection and prolong sexual intercourse.

Among the great variety of cock rings there are vibrating ones, cock rings with clit tickler. These cock rings do not only provide better erection, but enhance pleasure of both partners as well.

3. Egg or bullet vibrators These are vibrating egg or bullet shaped sex toys that might have and might have not a wire. Most vibrators of this kind are multi speed and deliver various patterns of vibrations.

Egg or bullet vibrators can be used both internally and externally. With these vibes you will stimulate your erogenous zones and will help your partner achieve very strong arousal.

4. Sex lubricants Many senior women suffer from vaginal dryness that prevents them from getting sexual pleasure. The way out is very simple – use personal lubricants that moisturize your vagina and provide great glide.

Some lubricants have warming effect and thus they enhance your pleasure.

5. Erection aid creams These creams contain ingredients that provide full, rock hard erection. Your partner will like your hard and incessant cock!

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