A condition of increase in earth's temperature is called as global warming. Few years ago, studies have depicted increase in earth's temperature in last century by one degree Fahrenheit. Industrial development has served a gate way to the progression of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This initiated to tremendous warming on earth.

The reasons

Greenhouse emissions - Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and absorbs heat from the sun. Imagine a balloon filled with warm air. While environment friendly solutions are carry out, the age of industrialization resulted to severe air pollution- a striking negative issue we are facing today.

Deforestation - Deforestation, next to increased carbon emissions, is the primary cause of accumulation of carbon dioxide in the earth`s surface. Due to expansion of mans business and construction projects, most of the rainforest were converted to commercial areas. Without the forest, there are no trees and plants to absorb CO2. Unfortunately, we strive hard to built an industrialized planet to live in yet never considered the balance of mother nature. An exciting horror of imbalanced ecology that hunts every humanity.

The dire consequences

Weather patterns - Apart from the wildfires caused by scorching hot and dry weather which burns millions of acres of land worldwide, the main cause for concern is drought - which also increases the risk of wildfires. Drought causes crops to fail, causing starvation and diseases in less developed countries where agriculture is the main source of food and income. Conversely, warm temperatures can also cause heavier rainfall and floods. More energy in the climatic system causes hurricanes and tsunamis. Balance of ecology is disturbed.

Health parameters - Our health is being in serious trouble as man-made technology continuously pollutes air and land. Air borne diseases paralyzed our vital systems. Air pollution brings along viruses and serious illnesses. Destruction of the balance of nature hunts the extinction of mankind.

Wildlife - From time to time, we learn from newspapers and televisions the extinction of species. The reason for this is the destruction of their habitat. We may never notice it but as man gradually improve his life, our wildlife future is at stake. Is there any ray of hope?

What measures you can take?

Stop pollution! - Cutting down pollution from car emissions and power plants will decrease the rate of global warming to a great extent. Varied technologies for use of alternative energy have already been developed. And, more technology is being developed regularly. We need to continue to make use of current alternative energy resources like wind power and solar power, and we can adopt new technologies as they are developed.

Legal compulsions - Governing bodies started to act to solve this problem by passing some laws that will evaluate the creation of machines and its adverse effects to nature. These laws aim to protect our ecology and environment and continue to preserve on what is left after the destruction. In addition to this, local governments created programs designed to promote awareness to people about renewable energy sources.

Make it YOUR problem. - Energy conservation should be addressed in a right way. Reduce your energy bills by opting for little changes such as fluorescent lights and environmentally friendly refrigerators. Make an effort in every little way you can to sustain the planet for future generations. Let us embrace sustainable development.

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