If you've recently broken up with someone, ended a relationship, or someone has broken up with you then you are likely feeling broken hearted. Especially if your cared deeply for the person that has left. That broken hearted feeling is that gnawing internal pain we feel deep in our chest that just doesn't seem to go away. It's there when we wake up. It's with us throughout the day. It's there when we go to bed. Nothing seems to make it any better. It is a real pain and your body is reacting to the sadness and loss that you have experienced. Can you ease the pain of a broken heart? Here are ten remedies for a broken heart that have helped myself and others:

My top ten remedies for a broken heart are these:

1. Find a new love to replace the old one.

2. Always strive to look your best - look fabulous!

3. Closure

4. Party with your friends

5. Don't wallow in self pity - get back in the game

6. Have a lot of "girly nights" (or "guy nights")

7. Keep active and keep your mind busy

8. Sleep with someone else

9. Watch a lot of sad, romantic movies

10. Pray

This list of remedies for a broken heart may seem obvious or not so obvious to you. It depends on your past experiences. Will they all help? Probably not but they will at least give you some options to consider while your broken heart is mending. Try one or all of them. You will feel better in time. Remember to keep pushing forward.

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