A terminal server is a term given to a specialized computer which combines multiple communication channels together. Since these channels are bidirectional, this paves way for two different models: Multiple entities connecting to a single resource, and a single entity connecting to multiple resources. Both of these models are extensively used.

Whether it’s about physical and virtual resources, all can be offered through a terminal server: centralized computing can provide multiple users access to a remote virtual operating system. Server administrators generally use terminal servers to terminate physical connections to their customers.

Common issues that most server users complain about are inability to establish new console session, black screen while connecting to TS, client log on failure etc. Your IT operations are getting more complex. Although your system administrators are focusing on driving business growth but too much time gets spent on routine administration and maintenance.

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System engineers working with server support centers offers your business timely assistance and trustworthy advice on all technical issues; whether it’s about terminal server or any other server product, problem diagnosis, resolution and software defect identification.

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