Have you ever noticed that the easy part to making changes in your life is the decision? Deciding to do something is the easy part. Putting that decision to action is a little tougher. Now, I am not saying it is impossible, but it is tougher. For example, you may know that exercise is good for you and so you make the decision to start exercising, but actually setting the time to start and begin exercising is another story. If only we could just make the decision and since we made the decision; we would automatically do what we decided. However, life does not work that way. We must make the decision and act on that decision. We may have a desire to achieve something, but until we put action to that desire; it will remain just that, a desire. This is why many people find themselves in ruts or at a stand still in certain areas of their life. They think because they have passion, desire, drive, heart, etc. they will just jump right in and accomplish what they decide, but there is more to it. You must act on your passion, desire, drive, heart, etc. I can decide to read a certain book, but until I pick up the book and begin to read it my decision is useless. I can decide to put applications in for a new job, but until I go out to possible job opportunities and fill out applications; nothing is going to happen. Do not get me wrong, making a decision is good. Having vision and dreaming dreams are good, but that is only the starting block. There is still a race to run if you want to be successful. The decision is the easy part; acting on that decision can be challenging, but it is very doable. Next time you make a decision to do something, set a date to begin or have it completed. Do not procrastinate or you might find it being one of your 2009 New Year's resolutions.

Life coaches help many people with this very issue. Coaching helps people pinpoint their goals, set practical steps to achieve them, and designate a time to have it completed. However, the biggest advantage to coaching is healthy accountability. Most people do not have accountability in their lives. A good push from a coach may be just what you need.

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Josh Perez is a Personal and Professional Coach who helps people make lifestyle and behavorial changes, accomplish goals, achieve dreams, fulfill their passion, and live their best personal and professional life.