The beauty industry today is an enormous market. According to current estimates the cosmetics and toiletries industry is worth over US$45 billion to US$66 billion worldwide. We spend a lot of money pampering ourselves but does it really make us feel beautiful? When you look in the mirror do you think you are the 'fairest of them all'? The old adage 'beauty is only skin deep' is very relevant; however beautiful you may look on the outside, it is also about how beautiful you feel on the inside. If you don't feel beautiful on the inside, then beauty advice and treatments will feel like a quick fix and then you go back to the You that you are familiar with.

Did you know that everyone is beautiful? Including you? I often tell my clients that, and they feel...uncomfortable, sometimes they think I am just being positive. In British culture, (I am a Brit) it is common not to be very positive about yourself, even to be a bit invalidating; modesty is simply overdone. But this comment is the truth. I have worked with many clients in different countries and it is always the case. Believe me, you are not the exception either. We all have our unique blueprint that, like the colours of the rainbow, reflects its own light (metaphorically speaking). The problem is often without being conscious of it, we mute or even turn off our own light, and then we don't shine at all! We opt for a 'reflective' moisturiser hoping that will change things or a 'hair colour enhancer', but then adding colour can distort our own 'rainbow'. We all know how a colour scheme can be thrown off by adding one colour; it changes the psychological mix.

So, how do you develop your inner beauty, so that your authentic beauty shines from within? How do you tap into your own given beauty?
Know thyself
Your unique light is your greatest asset and your unique definition. It is what makes you spark and most importantly, it already sits within you. Some cultures refer to it as your 'hara' - your center or your spirit. I refer to it as your blueprint; it encompasses your qualities as a 'whole' - your personality, your physiology and your presence. Everything about you exists for a reason and together they unite to reflect a clear and intended picture that exists for a specific purpose. Whether it's your long legs, your freckles, your soft stomach, your strong shoulders; your intellect, your creativity, your diplomacy; or your nurturing spirit or your authoritarian ways. All elements of yourself tell a story about your core nature and your unique energy. When this picture is distorted or out of focus, you can feel unhealthy, unattractive (in terms of beauty and what you attract to you), and unfulfilled. When the picture is in focus and sharp, you can feel like everything is effortless, your life naturally flows and you feel 'switched on'. One of the most revered prophets said 'the kingdom of heaven is within'. And that is exactly where your beauty comes from.

When I look at someone I can see what these qualities are, even if people are unconsciously hiding them. Take a look in the mirror for a moment and see if you can see them too. This may be hard for you as you develop your own language and beliefs about yourself that can act as 'blinkers' to distort your vision. So try to be objective for a moment. Imagine yourself to be an 'onlooker' and write down literally what you see. Avoid using words that are judgments - for example dry hair, fat body... instead write the colour and texture of your hair and the shape of your body. Once you have defined yourself - your personality, your physique, your features, your presence, start to consider what they may mean. Curly hair I believe signifies creativity, clear sharp eyes signifies clear thought, translucent skin signifies a purity, curvaceousness signifies a strong femininity, red hair signifies strength and passion - a fieriness, freckles a sense of humour. Start to build a picture of who you are. If there is anything that has been changed or adjusted, go for the authentic feature, e.g. dyed hair, always go for your natural colour.

As you learn more about your inner self, then you can start to focus on these qualities and bring them to the forefront. These then become your mantras for your inner beauty. If you let these shine, then your inner beauty comes alive.

Honour the God/Goddess within
Ancient cultures would honour the god or goddess within. Adorning oneself was seen as a ritual and a way of honouring your own female or male essence.

Anointing with a particular scent was a way of invoking an energy within and colour was seen as a way of healing the inner and bringing it alive. Unfortunately, modern society mostly focuses on the latest mode which can often introduce a different 'element' that may be far removed from your own. You end up appraising another God - Nike, Gucci...The relevance here is to understand your own God and Goddess qualities and to honour them. To treat yourself as if 'the kingdom of heaven' resides within you, and that you need in the first instance to worship yourself. Introduce rituals to help you achieve this. This is where the inner and outer beauty meet and where you can use the beauty treatments and Spas to honour yourself. There is the old saying 'you can only be loved by others, if you love yourself'. This makes a lot of sense to me, in that your own inner self-esteem reflects on how others treat you and respect you.

Your blueprint will give you clues as to your own balance of feminine and male essence. David Deida, author of Intimate Communion and the leader in this field, says the majority of women have a feminine essence and the majority of men have a masculine essence. A quick guide

Darkness - features, colouring
Angles - body shape
Logic, rationality and intellect - personality

Creativity, emotionality, perceptiveness

Complement rather than cover
Inner beauty is defined often by the way you feel about yourself when in good health, you convey an element of authenticity and style that complements your outer beauty. Inner beauty essentially though, is about who you are; it is how you define yourself. Unfortunately, modern society tends to focus mostly on the outer and it is easy to find yourself following the latest mode and loosing your own picture along the way. Avoid covering your beauty with disguises in form of make-up, fashion and perfume. These should complement your inner beauty and not hide it. Ensure also that as you age you don't add more detail, as this will only bring more attention. Age is one of your best assets, and as you gain experience you get better at it, and therefore you become more beautiful too.

To summarise, the beauty industry should be used as a tool to expressing your beauty, rather than as a way of defining your beauty. If you are focusing too much on fads, what others are wearing and what the brands are offering, you will dilute your natural beauty. Also, and more importantly, your beauty is inside of you and not outside of you. You can carry a Louis Vuitton handbag, wear Gucci clothing, use Nars polished make-up but still not feel beautiful. Your natural beauty already exists, it is just a matter of activating it.

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Sarah Whittaker, known as The Wardrobe Shrink, helps people dress according to their psychology. Using her unique system of 35 'Image Types', she analyses your psychology - your personality, architecture, and presence, which acts as an archetype for who you are and is a style template advising you what to wear. She has been featured in Psychology Today, Life & Style, The Times (London), Marie Claire, and more... Sarah set up her business in London and now lives in Georgia, USA, and offers remote consultations through the web/phone to identify your Image Type to clients internationally.