At the moment, anyone who can, uses “The Secret” in their subject lines, emails, etc., because people and the airwaves are a-buzz with the power of those two words since this phenomenon started. We are the information age. Having information and integrating it are two different events. There has to be a true “A-ha!” moment when you know you really get something. Such a moment came to me, not the night I listened to an interview with Rhonda Byrne, creator of “The Secret,” but the morning after when I played the recording available online at

Rhonda spoke of how each day before she started to work, she’d get herself to feel the joy of the outcome and wouldn’t begin until tears streamed down her face. When I heard her say this the first time, I wondered, “What’s that about?” The second time I heard it, I realized I hadn’t been doing that. I mean feel the joy, I couldn’t imagine what it took to get to the tears. She also said to write what you intend for yourself as I Am statements. I’d been doing that for about two weeks prior to her statement. Every morning, I write, “I am...” 20 times. That morning, something happened.

It’s been said that when we write a goal or dream down, we should write out a full description of what it looks like. That’s helpful, but it doesn’t go far enough. The quantum field doesn’t respond just to what we think (thank goodness), it responds to what our core feeling is. We have to go beyond the words, Thoughts and Beliefs, in order to get to the “switch” that ignites events sent to us through the Law of Attraction. That morning, I really let my imagination wrap around the joy of the outcome. When I allowed this to take place, I was surprised when tears began to stream down my face! That’s when I got it: A powerful “currency” of the quantum field, Universe, God Force, insert your own word or words here, is Joy.

A parallel might be this: Which would move your boat across the water faster, the best boat motor or a jet engine? Joy has a jet-fuel vibration. When you immerse yourself in the feeling you choose instead of solely how the outcome looks, you experience the process of getting to your destination differently than ever before. Imagine what your day feels like, what you attract, when you hold joy of the outcome as your state of being instead of worry, tension, and want. You’re not required to hold onto this feeling the entire time you’re awake; you can get in touch with it when you start your day and pause to re-charge yourself by remembering the feeling from time-to-time. That’ll do it. Please note: Reaching the point where you can sustain this, takes practice. Like mastering any new skill, allow for a learning curve. Rhonda also reminded listeners: Be available for right action, but release the How and watch what unfolds.

Written where I can see it all day is, Joy is my currency. Every emotionally-charged feeling acts as currency under the Law of Attraction, but joy has a far-higher denomination. What do you choose to carry in your “wallet?”

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Joyce Shafer, L.E.C., is author of “I Don’t Want to be Your Guru, but I Have Something to Say” (, a weekly columnist for United Press International’s Religion & Spirituality Forum, and regularly published in various online and hardcopy venues. Visit to see her other book offerings.