Is it true there is a Third Eye; an eye that can be used to see into the realms of invisibility? How do mystics diagnose diseases just by looking or touching the body physical of a patient? Often times they do not use the physical eyes but rather, they see with that other eye. In this article I am only permitted to write what I have written even though there is so much information out there that is mystical in nature. Many of you may be aware of Edgar Cayce –The sleeping prophet and how he used to diagnose diseases and prescribe medications. I am so fortunate to know one who I consider to have applied greater and more profound incredible methods, means and ways of mystical diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, sicknesses and ailments. Let me begin with my own story about migraine headaches.

I was born June 1953 in a polygamous family of many brothers and sisters and step brothers and sisters. From an early age as far back as I can recall, at around four years of age I suffered from migraine headaches. I often felt so much throbbing pain that made me fear my head would burst into pieces. Sometimes I could not stand the pain that it made cry. My mother, not knowing what to do, often consoled me by saying, “You don’t have to cry like that because of a headache. Be strong. You will be all right.” What I later found out was that in the remote villages in many countries all over Africa, headaches are not considered serious diseases and many children are never taken to doctors for headaches. What they do is, they go to drugstores and groceries where they buy non-prescription tables like Aspro which was so common in East Africa during my childhood and teen years. That is what my father often gave me to take whenever I complained of a headache. In addition to the migraines, I also suffered a lot from acute stomach pains periodically, especially whenever I ate certain fruits like the jackfruit or certain other food types. My parents used to give me Eno or Andrews liver salt for the stomach pains. These two liver salts would give me some temporary relief. I was a little boy and knew nothing about psychological issues not even the word placebo was in our home vocabulary. I am sure many kids in the developing world suffer like I suffered, for years without being taken to medical care and attention. They live on non-prescription drugs psychologically thinking they are healed.

When I was in seventh year elementary school, I could not tolerate the pain in my stomach. I was taken to Mityana Government Hospital, Uganda where the doctor asked a laboratory technician to check my stool. It proved I had a lot of stomach parasites. I was given just one teaspoon of a drug that I heard was called kawuka, which means an insect (I think it was a reference to the stomach worms). But before I could be given the drug, I had to have an empty stomach. I did not have dinner the night before and no breakfast not even water or tea in the morning. The drug was administered to me at around ten or eleven in the morning. I was instructed to not take any food or drink until after two in the afternoon. This meant I had to fast for at least a total of eighteen hours. At the time, I was fifteen.

My dear! After taking that teaspoonful of kawuka, which made me feel as if I was momentarily drowning in a sea inside of my own stomach, I never had that kind of acute stomach pains up until this day. That was 1968. After taking kawuka, based upon Dr. Ssonko’s explanation to my Dad, father bought slippers and shoes for me and I never walked bare footed any more.

There are many stomach parasite medications; tablets such as Ketrax, Mebendazol etc several of which I have personally used for years and have administered the same to all my many children. I have discovered that nothing works as effectively as that liquid drug (kawuka) whose real trade and or brand name I never found out. With these modern tablets one has to keep taking a dose at least once every ninety days. Not many people in Africa's remote, rural areas have the discipline to remember to follow up with this kind of regimen not to mention having the money to keep doing so. I know many Africans will say this is an exaggeration but I know it to be true. I grew up in remote villages, I have spent decades of my adult life in a rural district of Uganda and I see how the people live and behave.

The original Ketrax brand was very effective. I administered a dose to my second daughter at age three or four before going to bed. I told her not to empty her bowel in the toilet the next morning but outside in the yard. When she did, a ball of stomach worms the size of a golf ball came out of her. Some of these worms were still alive! As years passed by, the same drug appeared to be much less effective whenever I used it on other children in the family after they had been diagnosed with parasites in hospitals.

Kawuka, that wonder drug is the most effective medicine against stomach parasites but I was told that children had troubles with it because they often violated the fasting aspect requirement and in some cases some kids died from such violation. The fact is, there are many adults who live with stomach parasites and have so many other health problems resulting from such parasites. That drug would have helped so many adults if not children, from these dangerous parasites but the drug was withdrawn from medical stores since decades ago now, apparently because of its strength and fatal consequences if one violated the fasting requirement.

Having eradicated stomach parasites and the resultant pain from my life, I remained with the migraine headaches. No doctor knew what to do with migraine headaches. When I finished high school and started working, I took my self to the Catholic Mission Hospital at Rubaga where Doctor Sseezi became my neurologist. After getting treatment from him for many months without a cure, Bweyame, my consort, took me to Mulago government hospital where Dr. Obache another neurologist also became my doctor. I continued with both doctors for about five years without any significant difference. I was told there was no real cure for migraines. This gave me the feeling that I was doomed for life suffering from migraine headaches. I had no hope for a cure and every morning and before retiring, I had to take more than twenty different kinds of tables and capsules.

In February 1975, I registered at Makerere University as an adult student for a diploma course in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, advertised in a local newspaper. It was during that one year study that I came to connect with Mr. Ambrose Kibuuka Mazinga who was my classmate. I used to skip classes due to the migraine pains I used to have. When he asked me one day as to why I kept skipping lessons, I explained to him something about the migraine headaches. He responded: “You know what? I have a friend who can heal your migraines.”
“There is no one in the world that can do that,” I retorted.
“I know this brother can cure your migraines, try him out,” he said.
“I have two medical doctors one at Rubaga and one at Mulago,” I told him. "They have treated me for more than five years to no avail. They even said that there is no cure for migraine headaches.” Even up to this day, medical doctors say the same thing but now I know it is not true.
“My friend, the brother I am talking about is not a medical doctor although people refer to him as “Doctor,” he said, “He will not give you any western tablets or drugs. He does not give modern western medicines nor does he use injections (shringes and needles).”
“Then what kind of medicine will he give me?” I asked impatiently.
“Nature herbal concoctions,” he said, shortly. After some time, he added, “It is entirely up to you to decide and when you do, I will take you to him.
“What is his name?”
“Dr. J.K.” he answered.
“What do you consider him to be? Is he really, a miracle worker?,” I asked.
“He is a mystic,” was his answer and he said no more. He walked away.

I walked briskly towards him and said, “Okay. I agree, when can you take me to this Doctor and where does he work at?” he told me what I needed to know and the next day after class he took me to Nateete on the suburbs of Kampala City.

The day I met Dr. J.K. was the biggest turning point of my entire life. It meant so many different things which amounted to a drastic change in my lifestyle, like I had never imagined or thought of before. Dr. J.K. was/is a native African Ugandan. At that time in 1975, he appeared to be a simple folk brother, kind of reticent and soft spoken. At that time no one seemed to recognize that he was a Great Mystic of our time. He took me in the yard where he spoke to me about myself. He spoke of facts about my life as if he had seen me before. It was like a brief reading of who I am by a total stranger. He spoke of things that only I thought I knew about myself. This was a great surprise.

Two days later when I returned to Nateete, he gave me a bottle of what he called Memory Reviver. I was to take two spoonfuls three times a day. This surprised me. I had not complained about memory loss. On the contrary I had a photographic memory; yet here he was giving me a memory reviver concoction. He assured me that, “There are no incurable diseases anywhere in the world.” I looked at him with incredible wonder in my eyes yet I believed whatever he had to say to me. It was like I had known him from some distant past. He called me Baaba which in our culture is used for one’s elder brother or sister. I thought I saw love and affection in his eyes and it was like I could read sincerity in his heart. From that day onwards, he became the central figure of my whole life. Whenever I thought of him, a strange feeling soon developed in me that he loved me more than anyone in this world and each day that past, I was drawn to him like a moth to the light.

Within one week of taking his herbal concoction, I threw away the migraine headaches once and for all. Up until this day, I know not migraine pain any more and I can assure every body that I will never have it again. Listen to that spiritual or natural healing and tell me if there is any medical doctor who can agree with it. Does it make any logical explanation according to conventional knowledge and wisdom? Of course not. I am a living testament testifying to the fact that natural and or spiritual healing is a fact but it is often times way far beyond human expression. Now listen to this. This Great Mystic later revealed to me that my migraine headaches were a Divine Call for me to encounter the Mystics and the Way of the Almodia (The Supreme LOrd)! The suffering of slightly over seventeen years was a mystical call and when I answered it, it transformed me into an entirely new being myself. I never saw anything or any body in the same old way. Not any more. He explained that the herbal concoction he gave me was just intended to create a psychological healing effect but that the migraine headaches went away because I had answered the divine call and had arrived to the place and moment in time where I was needed in order to begin the long journey to fulfill the purpose of my present life.

Now the point here is this: Some people suffer apparently from certain physical ailments only because they are required to change their lifestyles. For as long as they do not realize this, they remain in those painful conditions for life and probably up to death. Only a genuine Mystic can help diagnose any one’s ailment correctly and tell them whether it is divine calling or otherwise. If it is not divine calling, the mystic will give the relevant treatment and let the person proceed into the world as usual. However, if it is a divine calling, he will ensure that you get the message and clearly get it. When you do, your suffering comes to an end.

I know of a princess who had walked into many clinics and hospitals looking for treatment of what she knew was chronic malaria and arthritis. At least that was what she was told by the medical profession. In 1985 when she encountered my Spiritual Guardian, the Great Mystic, she was healed of her problems without even a herbal leaf or tablet. She was instructed to attend spiritual discourses and assured therein was her medication. Within two weeks she was as fine as any one else and that was the end of her suffering up to this day.

Let it be said that it is not just about changing one's lifestyle alone but it also entails relevant spiritual study, learning and practice. Often it consists of a series of mystical initiations based upon the divine light and celestial symphony. The real healing power is within but one has to connect to its Eternal Source and live in constant communication with IT.

The truth is that I have seen so many people who have always come to this Great Mystic for healing. Some of these have come with mental cases. Others have come with such problems as barrenness, family feuds, husbands battering wives constantly, cancer, stomach and brain tumors diagnosed in professional medical clinics and hospitals by qualified medical doctors- but these cases have always been totally healed without any western drug by this simple folk man. I know of one man who was a thief (and he freely testifies to this himself) and how he was healed of the disease of thieving. This mystic explains that what is termed habits or vices is also disease and can be healed. One day, I saw how a sheath of flowers donated to a husband by the wife as prescribed by this Great Mystic, helped heal the husband free of the evil and danger of being jealous of his wife. He stopped battering his wife as a result and they lived happily ever after until the husband died ten years later. A few years later, the wife also died from grief as the two had developed a profound love, affection and consideration for each other in great bounds.

One day while I was visiting the Great Mystic at his practice at Nateete, a medical doctor came in with his daughter. He explained to the Mystic how his daughter was getting thinner and thinner and that he has tried various treatments both in Uganda and abroad but no medical doctor could find a cure for the little girl's condition. She was about thirteen or fifteen. Her body looked like it was smeared with white ash. “I am a medical doctor my self but I am now perplexed. I do not know what to do with my beloved daughter. We d not know what is the problem. No one has diagnosed her problem,” said the man.

Dr. J.K. asked the girl to undress the upper part of her body so he could take a look at her chest and back. After examining her with his bare hands and without any instrument whatsoever, Dr. J.K. told the girl’s father that:

Your child bears too much fire element in her body. This fire consumes every medication you give her and every food she partakes. No medicine can be effective in her body until some thing is done to reduce and balance the fire element.

As he said those words I watched the facial reaction of the girl’s father. He could not believe what he was hearing. For the first time I had personally never heard any one explain something like that to any one. What was the fire element anyway? For, at that time I knew nothing about what a fire element was. The professional medical doctor asked:

“How can the fire element be balanced Sir?”
“Do not worry about that. The point is: will you follow the instructions without prejudice?
“Of course,” he replied. “I will do anything to see that my daughter gets well.”
The natural herbal doctor (Dr. J.K.) explained to the father every item he had to buy and bring to him so he may concoct the little girl’s medicine. The doctor bought every thing as was asked and in a few days, brought the items . The Great Mystic (Dr. J.K.) concocted the medicine and gave it to the girl, with the relevant dosage for the different kinds of medicine.

A few months past. One day the professional medical doctor returned with his daughter to give thanks to the herbal natural Doctor J.K. saying: “Certainly it is you who the real doctor not me.” Everyone who had seen the teenage girl was surprised to see the tremendous transfromation in her physical life. He skin and now plump body was incredible.

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Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro does extensive research in the fields of spirituality which include spiritual healing, mysticism, esoteric colutural anthropology, writing and authoring. He has written many books on various spiritual topics and has written many articles for different forums on these topics and subjects. He is a Spiritual Awakener, something he does through public speaking and lecturing as well as teaching. He is a Minister at the Living Saints Temple of Wisdom and is available as a Guest Speaker and Lecturer at His books appear at