The root causes of the problems in our life. In this article, we discuss the function of the realm of spirituality regarding the difficulties in or lives. Ignorance regarding the existence and role of the spiritual dimension and understanding its duties in our difficulties would only frustrate our attempts to completely conquer these problems. We need to first know and understand the root cause of a difficulty in order to overcome it completely. By digging deeper into the root of every difficulty, after the true and complete diagnosis has been made, can the proper therapy now be given. Most of us are not aware of the factors that contribute spiritually the root cause of 80% of the difficulties in our lives for the mere reason that they are beyond the discernment of our mind, intellect, most especially our five senses.

Whether a certain difficulty has a root cause spiritually attached with its details could be truly known and perceived surely only via the medium of highly activated sixth sense. Modern scientific studies regard the cause of a particular problem to being either psychological or physical. For this reason, we go finding for the causes and possible remedy only in these 2 areas. For instance: 1.) Narcotic abuse is known as a psychological setback and can be treated accordingly with psychotherapy. 2.) Itching and irritation is known as having a physical cause and can be primarily treated with physical medicines. However, there’s a third cause of our problems in life and that is spiritual.

But the causes are not as simply and readily understood as they are beyond the knowledge and comprehension of the modern science. In fact, root causes in connection with spirituality of our difficulties really affect our lives to a large extent. Actually, the WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as “a state or condition of positive health in the physical, social, mental and spiritual dimensions. Consequently, it has been found out that well being in the spiritual sense is also an element that contributes to our health. However, research spearheaded by SSRF (Spiritual Science Research Foundation) discloses the actual extent in which factors regarding to spirituality participate to our complete being.

Through this research, SSRF has discovered the breakdown, on average, among the 3 root causes being accountable for difficulties in our lives. Breakdown of the root causes of the problems in our lives. 30% Spiritual, psychological/or physical. 50% Purely spiritual. 20% Psychological and/or physical in nature. Thus, up to 80% of our difficulties have their root cause in the realm of spirituality. And how can you overcome or conquer these difficulties in your life? These kinds of difficulties could only be conquered through spiritual means like either through: 1.) Specified spiritual healing therapy carried out to overpower a particular sign or symptom brought about by some factors in the field of spirituality.

2.) Spiritual practice helps in building our entire spiritual energy to fight those problems. In this manner, difficulties and problems that have their root cause in the realm of spirituality could either be determined or we get the strength to bear them with tolerance.

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