The law of attraction operates in response to our beliefs and so key to creating the life you would love to have is to fully understand the power of your own beliefs and the role they play within the attraction process.

So what is a belief?

An easy way to think of a belief is 'something you accept to be true'. Key to that, is the understanding that what is true for you, will not be true for someone else. Your beliefs then are unique and personal to you; no-one else thinks what you do.

We all have millions of beliefs and each belief or set of beliefs have a different emotional and psychic 'weight'. One person my totally believe that money is the answer to all life's challenges whilst they may also believe that money is the root of all evil, they may also believe that they are a good person who is not evil at all. In this example the life experience of that person with regard to money will depend on how much mental 'weight' they give to those ideas. Anyone trying to create money, using the law of attraction, with those beliefs will struggle, as those simple ideas are conflictual; a person who believes in their goodness will not find it easy to actualise an experience they may regard as evil, even though they truly believe that money will solve all their problems.

The easiest way to explore your beliefs is to write them down, mind mapping can be useful here, but it is also essential to get a feeling of how much weight you are placing on your ideas: the more emotional and psychic weight an idea has in your life, the more of it you will experience, with the law of attraction faithfully mirroring your ideas.

The power of your beliefs within your life experience is absolute; your experience is a reflection of your beliefs so if you want to know what you believe, look at your life experience and accept the relationship between the two. The law of attraction is brilliant in its simplicity, you get what you believe in and we can use this simplicity to take responsibility for what we believe. If you accept that your beliefs may have something to do with your life experience it is up to you to change your beliefs, no-one can do that for you. Thankfully with a change in belief you will soon find a change in emotional and physical experiences and so you can see the fruits of your labour.

Once we accept the relationship between belief and experience, our role as conscious creators of our own experience become simpler. Our role is:

1. To accept the relationship between our experience and ourselves.

2. To find ways to alter our own ideas, taking responsibility for what we personally believe and the weight/importance we give to those beliefs.

3. To understand that it takes time for an old belief to be removed from our experience, for the weight of that belief to be lessened within ourselves and therefore within our lives. Be patient!

4. To believe the very best we can about ourselves, others and our life experience.

Using the law of attraction to become a conscious creator.

Taking on the role of a conscious creator and using the law of attraction forces us to go inside and explore our beliefs, desires, fears and hopes and until the conflicts and limiting ideas are removed, we will find it literally impossible to use the law of attraction effectively.
Our role first and foremost is to understand ourselves and in doing that we will understand that we have the power to create an amazing and beautiful life, based in co-operation, love and joy. The journey however to learn about the law of attraction has to start with us and in that lies our greatest challenge and greatest opportunity.

We can create a beautiful and abundant world through altering our beliefs, such is their power but to that we have to believe not only that this new world is possible but that we ourselves play an essential part in its creation. In truth we have the power of the ‘gods’, the ability to consciously choose our experience and that power is translated through us in terms of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

If you are exploring the law of attraction you must begin to understand yourself better and in the inner journey of self discovery I promise your will find yourself. The law of attraction is real and the prize for understanding how this works is worth the effort of self exploration, so start today by writing down what you think, why you think it and learn how to change the ideas that are limiting you. With continual effort you cannot fail to create the best life possible for yourself, those that you love and the world at large.

Author's Bio: 

David Marshall is a teacher and author who has used the ideas of conscious creation and the law of attraction in his life for over a decade. His latest book, A Practical Guide to Conscious Creation is avaibale on his web site

David lives by the understanding that he expresses and in doing so have learnt about the practical aspects of using the law of attraction effectivey.