To begin, a tonsil stone is a yellow or white (usually) small glob on material that builds up in the crypts, or little holes, of your tonsils. The bacteria and gases released from these spread down the back and front of the tongue causing bad breath.

Many people are concerned with methods of how to remove, treat, prevent and diagnose having tonsil stones. There's many ways to bring tonsil stone growth to a minimum. These methods include consuming less sugary items and drinks, less meat that's high in protein, reducing or eliminating post nasal drip. By far the most effective of all these is a combination of each.

Some methods of removal are:

- Q-Tip apply pressure to the tonsil area, working from bottom to top. This pushes the tonsil stones out of the tonsil crypts. Be careful of your gag reflex though XD
- Gargling with Salt-Water. This method has worked specifically well for me. With a combination of removal then garling with salt water it helps with reduction to an even greater extent.
* Water-Pik. Reports from users say that water piks work great for them! It’s definitely worth a shot anyways.
* Boby Pin. This only works if you have a large tonsil stone sticking out that you're in clear view of. There's a risk of hurting and infecting your tonsil so it's not recommended.
* Dietary change can do wonders for reduction of tonsil stone occurrence

Hit the removal process from every angle you can. There's companies that sell oxygenated mouth washes that aid in the process of removing the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

Oral hygiene plays a factor in overall production of tonsil stones. Along with oxygenated mouthwashes, you can buy oxygenated toothpastes, chewing gum, breathmints and sprays.

The bacteria produced by tonsil stones simply can't survive in an oxygen-enriched environment. A combination of small dietary changes, general heightened oral hygiene and oxygenated oral care products is a sure fire way to minimize tonsil stone creation.

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