We're all intuitive, some of us have more trust in this innate ability than others, yet we can all learn to trust ourselves enough to implement this ability in our daily lives. It isn't some woo woo quality requiring long amounts of meditation or ritual to call up into our experience. Like most things in life it requires a mixture of desire and application, mainly practice.

Logic has been crowned king since the technologic age was ushered in, admittedly it has brought some astounding improvements in our lives but at a cost. It has caused so many of us to disassociate from our inner knowing. One does not have to exclude the other. We can check in with our inner voice and still use technology to communicate what we've heard. Something I'm doing right now. I'll admit, the inner voice application is easier for me than the technological aspect, but I have and continue to challenge myself to learn more. It's the same with inner knowing, the more you ask of it, the more you check in with it, the better honed your ability "to know" becomes.

Without becoming too esoteric here, I will tell you that this inner sense is really not something you learn, it's more like something you remember. Eons ago, it was the natural state of being, logic was then the servant. I'm not touting that we put logic in a subservient position, we do need it to function in our complicated world, but it is not enough to base all our decisions or our lives upon. There are too many possible eventualities in any situation to make a decision based purely upon logic. Much of the time, the best decision is made with a "gut" sensation which is then executed with logical action.

Sitting in the lotus pose for hours is not required to get in touch with your inner knowing, again desire goes a long way toward helping to open up this latent characteristic. Then application comes into play. Try setting aside a short concentrated space of time each day to work with your intuition. Find a comfortable quiet preferably silent spot in your home and slow your breathing. Think of a place or a time that you felt comfortable and happy. Feel the emotion of that now. Bring up something you might need information about or something that requires a decision. Your mind will probably automatically go to some points of logic, what you've thought about this before, the obstacles involved. Gently push these thoughts away as though brushing cobwebs away in front of you and then listen. Breathe and listen, most likely you won't hear a radio announcer's intonation, but you will feel a sensation, a quickening, a whisper; say hello to your intuition.

After you've practiced a bit, you'll find your intuition speaking to you more often, in more situations. It's important that you pay attention, if it seems frivolous or "not logical", pay attention anyway. My own experience has been that those times I've ignored or denigrated what I'm told, have been those I regret. A gentle touch on the shoulder became a strong shove. I now listen and implement my guidance. I've learned to trust myself, so can you.

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Christie Pennington is an intuitive coach,visionary,writer and speaker. Her website is http://www.thelightspeakers.com