Designing a passionate life includes clearing your space by eliminating clutter to allow for your new passions to come into your life. When I refer to space, I'm referring to both mental and physical space and they go hand in hand.

It has been proven that our mind keeps track of every physical thing in our lives. Even all of those stacks of papers, projects, emails, files, and books that you are going to 'get to' someday. Most people have a lot of physical stuff and your mind is expending a lot of energy keeping track of it. Then, add in all of thoughts that you have in a day and it's no wonder your mind feels cluttered. Start by answering the following questions to see if you have clutter in your life.

Your Mental Space
Do you have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time?
Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you can't move forward?
Do you feel like your creativity is gone?

Your Physical Space
Do you hang onto magazines, books, or catalogs because you think you will read them later?
Do you have piles of mail that you haven't gone through?
Do you have piles of unfiled papers?
Do you have hundreds or maybe thousands of emails in your Inbox?
Do you have hundreds of files on your hard drive?
Do you have any areas of your home where you pile your stuff?

If you answered yes to five or more of these questions then you have significant clutter in your life. It's time to take action. Notice the area around where you are sitting right now. Is there some area of the room that is cluttered? Perhaps there are stacks of magazines, newspapers, or unread mail. Take a look at it and notice how your body feels when you look at it. How long have you been saying you are going to go through those piles and get rid of what you don't need? Where do you feel it in your body? What goes through your mind when you look at the clutter? What do you say to yourself?

Where you feel it in your body will be different for everyone. Simply notice it and use it as a signal to you that clutter is consuming your energy. More than likely you say negative things to yourself about not clearing away those piles. This negative self-talk drains your energy and pretty much ensures that you won't clear the clutter. It is a self perpetuating cycle.

Action Items
Pick one area of your home that is cluttered, perhaps a bookcase, a closet, a file cabinet, or your desk and take one hour to clear this area. Challenge yourself to throw out more things than you are comfortable with. Come up with a question to ask yourself when you are evaluating whether or not to throw things out. Possible questions could be: When is the last time I had the desire to read this? When is the last time I had the desire to do this project? What am I saving this for?

When you are clearing clutter error on the side of throwing rather than saving. If you end up with 70% of the same stuff after you are done cleaning, you didn't throw out enough. Ask yourself a deeper question; What am I afraid will happen if I throw this out? What emotions or memories are attached to this item? If something has sentimental value but you will never use it, take a picture of the item and create a memories album and save the memory there.

For one week, take an hour a day and clear out clutter. Notice how you feel physically and mentally when you are done. Answer the mental and physical space questions again. If you feel a positive difference then it may be time to de-clutter an entire room.

Make space for the passions you want in your life. Start living passionately now.

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Paula Harvey is a Life Transition Coach who empowers you to identify and align your life with your passions so you can live with more joy and fulfillment. What would happen if you were able to identify your passions and start living in alignment with them? Paula offers tips and methods for living passionately on her blog and invites you to receive her free Passion Deficit Disorder (PDD) Report and find out why passion is so important in your life and what you can do about it. You can get your instant access at