The Law of Attraction works 100% of the time. Our attitude about life is directly correlated to our experiences. If we think people are rude, then that is what we will notice and experience. Your vibration will draw people of a similar vibration to you, and guess what, you will meet rude people! If you think people drive like maniacs, then you will end up meeting up with drivers who speed and zig zag in and out of traffic.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that when your outer experiences change your thoughts will then change to more positive ones. They won't- you must change your inner world before you can change your outer world.

Listen to your thoughts and words carefully today. Do you generally complain, or do you try to see the positive in most situations? What recurring issues do you have in your life? Can you correlate those experiences with beliefs that you hold? Set the intention now to focus on the positive and receive the best!

Everything in your experience is being drawn to you by you. Knowing this, you can relax. Take care of your energy and attitude and expect the best! Truly expect to meet wonderful people, and you will! Expect to have fun, and you will. What you believe and expect will come to you, guaranteed. I used to hate meeting new people because I thought that I was not good at small talk. I attended a seminar that basically forced me to step outside my comfort zone and interact with strangers. Gah! How mortifying! What I found out is that people really are inherently wonderful. Yes, I was in a space where everyone else was in the same boat and it was scary for a lot of other people in the room, and there was a little safety. But that experience showed me that I could interact with people I don’t know. And the next time I attended one of their seminars I was more confident and outgoing. And the next time I even went by myself, and I was able to connect with wonderful people that I otherwise would never have known.

Remember to expect the best, and if your experiences aren't necessarily what you prefer, then thank those experiences for showing you what type of energy you are sending out. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world.

The Law of Attraction can work for or against you, but it is always working. What are you attracting?

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Cari Campbell, creator of, is a writer, dancer, CPA and student of life. She enjoys sharing what she has learned over the years regarding personal growth, letting go, and creating a life of joy and abundance. She enjoys a great cup of coffee, tea, incense, gardening, scented lotions, laughing with friends, and exploring her limitless nature. Her mission is to empower others to begin living the life of their dreams- to choose joy over boredom, abundance over lack, and ease over struggle.