Many people still do not know what a life coach does or even what life coaching is. To answer that question, let's ask another question. What can you and your life coach work on? The simple answer is, just about anything.

A life coach is not usually an expert in a specific field. Life coaches are change experts. Some coaches do define their coaching to a specific niche and usually this is because they have a passion for that specific area. Maybe you have heard of business coaches, relationship coaches, family coaches, life transition coaches, leadership coaches, and the list goes on. These and others are simply specified niches that a coach may choose.

However, a life coach is not an expert in any of these areas. A life coach is not an expert, because he/she does not need to be an expert in any area. A life coach is not an advice-giver; he/she is a listener. A life coach believes in people and believes that people know their own lives better than anyone else. A life coach knows that a "one size fits all" for all people does not exist. Every person is different and their are so many variables that come into play that make individuals so different.

You and your life coach can work on just about anything, because you are the expert of your life. You know your lifestyle, family, profession, marriage, behavior, attitudes, children, goals, habits, and dreams better than anyone else. A life coach can help you to improve your life quicker than you would if you go at it by yourself. A life coach also pushes you to go for the maximum, instead of the bare minimum.

Again, a life coach is not an advice-giver. Then, what is a life coach's method of choice? It is the art of listening and asking. Your life coach believes in you and believes you already know the answer. He/she must simply draw it out of you using good listening skills and asking powerful questions. So, what can you and your life coach work on together? The simple answer, anything!

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Josh Perez is a Personal and Professional Coach who helps people set and achieve goals, make life changes, overcome procrastination and obstacles, find their life purpose, get out of a rut, and move forward. Visit for more information.