“What is FIA CSNA? is no more a singular question. This has become a common question with no definite answer to it. Many people have found this name reflecting on their credit report without any knowledge regarding its presence. The full form is FIA Card Services N.A.

A brief overview

Let us take a little history into consideration. MBNA aka MBNA America Bank was the world’s major credit card issuer company. In the year 2006 this bank was taken over by Bank of America. During the initial months of 2006 the credit card services issued cards associated with MasterCard, Visa and American Express under the same name. However by the second half of the same year all products were re-branded as Bank of America, FIA Card Services.

Today if FIA CSNA is reflecting on your credit account find out whether you had any account with MBNA or not.

Result of Market Rivalry

There are credit card companies like Wachovia which are into direct rivalry with BOFA. However the accounts of such companies that were being managed by MBNA had to change the name to FIA due to the rivalry in the market.

Matter of fact

Thus the core of the matter is that BOFA is the owner of FIA CSNA. The three names BOFA, MBNA and FIA CSNA are of course interrelated but the history behind it have been clarified already in the article.

It is not unknown to all that a take over create a lot of confusion so is the case with Bank of America. People misunderstand, people get irritated, and a simple clarification can work wonders.

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