In my private practice since 1990 I have discovered
how hungry we are to find deep fulfillment and loving, make wise
choices for ourselves and the planet, and walk in union with our
higher guidance.

Yet our days are filled with endless, empty lists of have-tos,
shoulds, and must-dos. Quality time with our families, friends
and ourselves is too little and infrequent. We swallow
our food fast and information faster thinking that somehow we are
feeding ourself what we need and want. Yet, what our mind tells us
does not bring us peace, and what we eat does not fill us up.

Ask yourself,
What truly brings me lasting fulfillment and joy?
What can I feed myself that creates deep satisfaction?
Do I have a Voice of comfort to listen to for guidance when the hounds of fear,
worry and anxiety are howling in my ears?

I believe what is 'missing' from our seemingly ‘full’ lives is an inner
experience of a personal heaven – a portable place of peace, rejuvenation,
joy and loving. Not a promise of a reward in the hereafter based on ‘good’
works, but a direct experience of truth based on the goodness of who you

I saw a glimpse of my 'heaven' about 20 years ago during a 6 day
personal growth seminar. At the time I was living a life many
considered heavenly: happy marriage, two beautiful children,
wealthy lifestyle, and plenty of time to pursue my fancies. Yet,
in the wee hours of the morning my secret despair, loneliness and
fear woke me up night after night. Inside I knew the lie of my
'happy' life. I did not know the purpose for taking my next
breath. At the seminar when the facilitator began talking about
the banquet table of life and describing the people who nourished themselves
at this table often, I suddenly beheld this larger way of living, this glimpse of
lasting fulfillment and happiness.

I wanted to bolt for the door.

So many questions flooded my mind at once.
I thought I was living at the banquet table? What am I doing wrong?
Those people are authentically happy? What do they know that I
The answer seems to have something to do with discovering some-
thing inside myself? What if I don’t like what I find?

The fear of facing the unknown 'me' inside was, at that time,
bigger than living out my lack-luster life. But this defining
moment did not fade from my memory. Eventually, I began the
scary journey of moving beyond the confusion of my mind
and allowing the parts of me, that I deemed bad or unacceptable,
to be accepted and forgiven.

And step by baby step I began visioning and creating an inner sanctuary
of acceptance and peace. I discovered a wise unconditionally loving voice
that talked me down from the ledges of my fear and invited me repeatedly
to let go of past hurts and disappointments. I stopped playing the drama/trauma
games that kept me distracted and learned the lessons of total responsibility without
shame or blame. And I fashioned a sturdy place of safety and security inside when the winds of misfortune threatened to topple my newly found strength and courage.

Your heaven lies just beyond your story based worldview. But it takes an
inside job to fully experience it. Upon seeing a glimpse of this larger reality
your mind will attempt to uphold the status quo by defending its right/wrong
positions. No worries. Mastering the shift from “Is this all there is?”
to “Wow! Look at all there is!" takes place with patience, practice, guidance, willingness, grace, and time.

You can begin today.

Schedule a few minutes in your day timer of PDA and
*clear your desk
*turn off the phone
*light a candle
*have paper and pen available
*close your eyes
*take in a deep breath
*allow the greater part of you to appear, like gazing
at a large movie screen, YOU living your personal heaven.

Be aware of how you feel as you 'watch' YOU going through your day
completely fulfilled, relaxed, joyful and full of energy.

Take in another deep breath and now ask to see what your relationships
would look like from this new vista? How about your finances? Your health?
Creativity? Career?

What are the qualities that surface as your watch your expanded life unfold on the
large screen?

Jot down those qualities: peace, joy, loving, ease, well-being,
energy, focus, caring, relaxation, radiant health, compassion...
or fear, sadness, regret. Accept whatever appears.

Step Two: Ask yourself, “What can I let go of in this moment to experience living this greater reality?”

Is there a fear of the future looming? Are you judging yourself for something you did or didn’t do? Have you recently experienced a disappointment or a setback?

Allow the answer to come forward easily. Breathe in deeply and on your exhalation Let It Go. Repeat several times over the next few minutes. The life you were born to live is waiting.

Author's Bio: 

Rebecca Skeele, author of You Can Make It Heaven:
How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving offers life changing courses and workshops inspiring people to become masterful at cocreating their personal heaven on earth. Her professional soul-growth course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for CoCreators teaches practical tools to move beyond story-based reality and begin living intentionally with divinity. ~~