Are you tired of working too long for too little with too few hopes that it will ever get better? So what will you do?

Are you tired of the unspoken but always implied threat of being laid off? So what will you do?

Are you tired of the fear of hitting your 50’s and then waiting for the “excuse” to get rid of you so the company can keep medical insurance and retirement benefits at a minimum? So what will you do?

Are you tired of working for people who are too lazy to really understand what you do but not too lazy to criticize for poor performance? So what will you do?

Are you tired of watching precious time slip away separated from your family while you trade life for money? So what will you do?

Are you tired of the encroaching fear of retirement without enough money to live on? So what will you do?

So What Will you do?

What are your options?
1) Stick with your current job and hope it gets better. Lots of luck!
2) Look for a new and better job. In this economy?
3) Pray a lot. That’s always good to do.
4) Take charge of your life and your future. Now you are on to something.

Of course, most people will do the first three in different variations and combinations. All of which means they will simply wait for the hammer to fall, and then act surprised and angry when it does.

Take Charge of Your Life and Your Future

But what does this mean? And how would you go about doing it?

Well, it means finding a new self-generated and dependable income, one that in time will fully replace the one you now have and soon thereafter go well beyond your current income.

How you do this is the trick. A new business is expensive and as a result of the expense--dangerous. Let’s face it, 9 out of 10 new businesses fail in the first 5 years of operation. Those are not encouraging statistics.

Is there a way to do this with little capital and with a greater chance of success than 1 out of 10?

There Is Good News

So, is this what you are looking for?

1) Low cost to get started
2) Higher probability of success than average
3) A successful plan for growth

Low Cost Entry: This is what Network Marketing provides. With most companies you can get started for less than $200 to $300 dollars. There are marketing expenses beyond this, of course, but if done right, your total investment in this new business will be less than $1,000. If you have ever put 100K, 200K even 300K in a new venture, this will seem incredible, even impossible. But, in fact, it is very possible.

High Probability of Success: Now let me make an important point here—not all Network Marketing ventures have a high probability of success. In fact, let me go further; Network Marketing in general does not have a higher than 1 out of 10 success ratio.

So, why do I list this point? It is simply this: if you do this right, the chances of success in Network Marketing are exceedingly good. Now, what do me mean by “do this right?”

Well let’s start with the wrong way of building your business. 1) Contacting your mother, brother and others--the significant people in your life, and attempting to get them interested in building a large multi level marketing business. This is almost certain to fail. 2) Pulling out your Christmas card list in order to pitch them on your new business. This is about as likely as the previous one to result in success. 3) If they have a pulse they are a prospect—only makes clear the desperate measure people will go to when they have no idea what to do—but are desperate for success. Of course there are many other variations on these methods.

Do any of these things work? For some people all of them work. The question is: do you fall into the “some people” category? Most people are simply not that sophisticated in their style or powerful in their demeanor or influential in their community to build a business this way.

A Successful Plan for Growth: So, what is this Better Way that increases the likelihood of success so dramatically? It is this: build your business with people interested in building a business.

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