As a motivational who takes his jobs very seriously, and specializing in the importance of education, I feel I, too, should continue my education.

However, to be more specific, there are five specific reasons why I have chosen to pursue a master’s degree in education.

First of all, I do not actually teach for a living. I had taught from 2000 to 2005 as an adjunct instructor with the College of Southern Nevada, but simply as an avocation. However, I had hit a roadblock and am no longer teaching there.

The roadblock was that I did not have a master’s degree. I was quite fortunate to have taught for so many years
with only bachelor’s degree. But was able to due to my background in public speaking, and because I wrote the curriculum for a public speaking course for a technical college,
complete with handouts.

Therefore, my first reason as to why I pursued my M.A.Ed is should I have the opportunity to teach again, I will be able to without reservation from the school.

Secondly, as a motivational speaker, I quite often speak on the importance of pursuing one’s education past the secondary level, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

I know I want my teachers to not only know more than I, but to have the education as well. Therefore, I must practice what I preach and complete my graduate degree.

Thirdly, I have a background on the business side of proprietary education, and may one day want to step back into that field.

However, from my research, in addition to the experience required for the level I would desire to achieve, a graduate degree is often required. So why limit myself?

Fourth, I would like to set an example for my stepdaughter’s, niece’s, and nephew's. All of them do well in school and are either in college or plan to. However, I have seen many people get sidetracked while in school, and I just do not want these
children to do so.

Lastly, I feel a person could never go wrong with an education. I feel it is better to be prepared for a situation that never comes about than to not be prepared for one that does.

Therefore, on December 18, 2007, became completely prepared and graduated with my Master’s Degree in Education, with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction via University of Phoenix.

So remember, if there’s something holding you back from having the job/career you desire, do what it takes to be prepare yourself. Time will pass, so you might as well have the necessary
education behind to fulfill your desires.

For me, on the day I completed my final class, I was called by DeVry University to teach a Public Speaking course beginning this March (2008). An opportunity came about, and I was prepared. BOYAH!

Success is a Choice! And if I can do, ANYONE CAN! Now just go and do it!

Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.E.d., Motivational Speaker, Author, Columnist, and Mentor

Author's Bio: 

Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed. Was a high school dropout, but turned his life around, and at the age of 28, walked into his first college class.

Glenn is now the CEO of a sales company in Las Vegas, NV, a Motivational Speaker, Author, Columnist, and Mentor.

If Glenn can overcome the adversity from his past and succeed, ANYONE CAN!

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