There is feeling that many people get, it is a short of breath anxiety attack. This is actually a growing worldwide dilemma. Anxiety is actually one of the fastest growing problems in the health field. What is causing this problem has researchers really worried and concern. If you have any anxiety do not ignore this as it can lead to bigger problems later. Often we forget that anxiety is a feeling and when it takes over the body for the wrong reasons it means something is wrong.

The feeling of shortness of breath is an amazing thing and is very important. It is critical to remember that all life is in the breath. Everything that lives breathes. We take it for granted that we breathe until we cannot catch our breath. When you cannot catch your breath and you feel panic it means that there is an underlying fear that you may not understand. It goes beyond what you are thinking. This is why you may say to yourself ‘I feel short of breath anxiety but I do not know why” It is true you do not know why, this is because the feeling in your body is alerting you to fear even though you know there is nothing to fear. Something is wrong and causing this false alarm.

The feeling in your body is taking over and causing you to be fearful. Unfortunately those who suffer from panic attacks are usually put on anxiety medication. This can be good and help you to function so if you need it then do take it but that should not be the long-term goal. You can overcome panic attacks. If you suffer from panic attacks it is a sign in the body that you are out of balance. Medication and therapy can be helpful but often they do not cure. They do not get to the root cause of the panic attacks. If you suffer from panic attacks there is often a link to depression. Many people do not even know that they are depressed. Why you have short of breath panic attack is that it is your body sending you a signal. It is a deeper signal than you realize, it is alerting you that something is wrong on the inside not a fear on the outside. This is what medication often misses, the root inner cause of the attack.

Anxiety, depression and suicide are all closely in the same family in many ways so be careful. The good news is that you can stop these attacks. . The belief that the person suffering from panic will just get better in time is a dangerous approach; do not believe that it will automatically get better. There is a new approach from a filmmaker that has been having great success with short of breath anxiety, it involves no doctors, and no therapy, actually the anxious person heals alone. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults.

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