Feng Shui is a Chinese variation of the disastrously in Indian. It is a placement start wherein using different placement techniques the vibrations in the room and in the minds of the people can be changed or enhanced. The room location according to the direction the door opens and the various objects in the room decide the mood and the vibration of the user of that room according to Feng Shui. One important aspect of this placement art is hanging wind chimes at places or in particular directions for the desired effects.

Woodstock wind chimes are the best wind chimes as the musical wind chimes produce some unique harmony. Classic wind chimes which are traditionally set is the bamboo wind chimes. Harmony chimes are designed to produce best music with a unique harmony. Butterfly wind chime, slumped wind chime, spiral wind chime are other models wherein different types of musical notes can be heard and enjoyed.

The sound of the best wind chime depends upon the choice of the material used to make the wind chime. The different types of wind chimes can be categorized as,

Classic wind chime

Chinese wind chime

Japanese wind chime

Brass wind chime

Seashell wind chime

Copper wind chime

Aluminum wind chime

Ceramic wind chime

Solar wind chime

Metal wind chime

Glass wind chime

Clay wind chime

Tuned wind chime

Garden wind chime

Silverware wind chime

Etc. wind chimes are very traditional and classic and can make any room look beautiful and musical too.

Buy wind chimes as per your tastes and preferences. If you want cheap wind chimes then visit wholesale wind chime markets to get the best wind chimes for the best prices. Whatever be your need whether

decorative wind chime

indoor wind chime

garden wind chime

large wind chime

mini wind chime

Bamboo wind chime

Butterfly Natural wind chime

Etc. they are all available in the stores. You can also try to make your own wind chime by using hollow metal tubes or even PVC tubes. Some wind chimes are tuned to produce a particular sound or musical note.

Japanese wind chimes and Chinese wind chimes are more traditional as they are used for traditional customs based on these two countries. They believe that the sounds from the wind chimes can protect them from evil spirits. Some believe it brings good luck. Whatever the reason wind chimes are a classic addition to any room, space or outdoors.

According to Feng Shui the wind chimes helps to identify the Chi in the room. The gentle musical notes emanating from the wind chime will create positive chi in the room. It can also make the negative Chi and energies in the room through its sounds. A cleaner more energetic environment is what helps in better performance and happy living. Thus wind chimes strike a balance between the chat and the chi forces and make the owner more productive and serene.

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