The rectus abdominus covers the transverse abdominals which even though are core muscles are often left out during stomach workouts. Focus of most exercises is given to the vertical abdominals and rectus abdominus which leaves out the transverse abdominals completely. These muscles don't even benefit from crunches which are a main part of routines for the abs. Transverse abdominals join the muscles of the lower back to the rectus abdominus providing support for abdomen. The transverse abdominals should be incorporated into a regimen targeted at achieving a flat stomach. Progress in obtaining a flat stomach can be achieved with the following tummy exercises designed to work the transverse abdominals. You should speak to your physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen and a warm up should be performed to prevent injuries.

Scissor Kicks

Lying on the floor is required to perform this stomach exercise. Keep the back pressed to the floor as you place your hands beneath your butt. Raise one leg about ten inches from the floor very slowly and lower it slowly back to the floor. Raise the other leg as you lower the first. This motion should be repeated for an entire set. Do not allow momentum to take over, it is vital that control is maintained during the entire exercise. During the entire movement the upper body should remain on the floor.

Tilting the Pelvis

You should lie on your back on a flat surface to perform this exercise; this can be a bench or the floor. Your spine should be cushioned utilizing either a towel or a mat. The knees should be bent since the exercise requires the feet to remain flat on the floor. The pelvis and nothing else should be raised off the floor, held for a moment and lowered back to the floor. Perform an entire set of this tummy exercise. This exercise requires control to be maintained. The abdominal muscles should be utilized to perform the work of the exercise and not the momentum the body builds up. The upper body should remain on the floor during the entire exercise.

Crunchless Crunches

While this tummy exercise can be rather hard, it is actually really simple. It is basically an attempt to pull your belly button inwards towards your spine. You might not be used to using the muscles involved which makes this a bit tricky. Either kneel or lie on your stomach in order to start. Trying both will allow you to see which lets you feel the exercise the most. Once you are relaxed use just your lower abdominals to attempt to get the belly button toward the spine. Hold this position for ten seconds. Hold for a longer period if it is easy to hold this for ten seconds. You want to stop feeling the contraction during the exercise or have the other muscles work harder than the muscles of the transverse abdominus.

These three exercises should be enough for you to begin with although there are plenty of others that focus on the transverse abdominals. These tummy exercises are especially good for pregnant and post-partum women in addition to being the key to achieving a flat tummy.

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