I recently heard a story about a certain manager who argued that his role had nothing to do with motivating people. Workplace motivation, he said, was the job of the Human Resources department!

I know you won't be surprised to hear that I disagree. What's more, workplace motivation is one of the significant issues raised by many good managers, business owners and team leaders today.

Leading a motivated team is not only more productive, you will find it much more enjoyable and rewarding too. Poorly motivated employees rarely function well as a team, and typically generate more stress for you than they do results. So good leaders consider the impact of their actions on workplace motivation carefully. No one wants a demotivated workplace producing barely adequate outcomes and a stressful situation.

Here are three simple yet effective ways you can boost workplace motivation and morale:

1. Offer a Reward

Rewards are motivating. And although money is one type of reward, it is far from the only reward you can use. Frequently it's not even the best reward to offer. Exactly what rewards are most appropriate will vary from person to person and according your particular situation, but here are some ideas to consider.

For many people coaching them to develop new and better skills is a powerful and motivating reward. Encouragement, recognition, more trust or a promotion or new work title may be motivating to some of your people. Likewise, for some more overtime, less travel, a special project or development opportunity or flexible work hours may help boost workplace motivation. Once you start to think about it, and get to know your people well enough to know what they would appreciate, you will be able to think of a whole range of motivating rewards that are appropriate in your situation.

2. Listen to People

Everyone likes to feel that their input and opinion is valued, respected and considered. It takes only a moment - and an open attitude - to welcome input from each individual on your team.

Ask for their views and input. Be genuinely willing to listen to people and you will see an amazing response from previously demotivated staff.

3. Lighten up a Little

Motivated employees enjoy their work. Numerous studies have shown that people work harder, not less, when the workplace is a fun, happy and enjoyable place.

As leader, you get to set the tone for a happy workplace. Take a moment to smile at people and ask after their family, hobbies or interests. Encourage some team social activities. Take the team out for coffee or bring in a cake to celebrate an achievement.

We spend many hours each day in the workplace. Part of your role as the leader is to ensure your team are motivated to actually be there and contribute fully to reaching your team goals.

Believe me, everything will be easier for you as the leader if people enjoy actually being there, rather than dread coming to work each day.

Good leaders accept responsibility for workplace motivation and do what they can to foster it. When you apply these three simple concepts in your workplace you will quickly build a motivated, committed and successful workforce - and a pleasant place to work.

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