Your intuition will tell you intimate and important things nobody else will; it will tell you things your own mind will argue with, but most people are very happy with the results when they do listen to their mysterious, and seemingly illogical and non-rational, intuition. It can just know.

The intuition informs abruptly. In an instant, a person can know something to be true, understand something new. Many people have an intuitive flash as they're falling asleep or just waking up. Perhaps while their defense system is drowsy, a flash of understanding can cut through to their conscious mind.

Millions of peoples' real life experience is that they walk into a house for rent or sale, and instantly know it’s the right place for them to live. For some married couples, it took just one look to recognize their partner in life. Dogs are known to howl at the moment of their master’s death, even if they're separated by thousands of miles...throughout history and in every culture, communication happens repeatedly in ways that current science can't explain.

We don’t talk very often about how things really happen, that people regularly experience all kinds of coincidences and serendipity as they get from one place to another, one state of mind to another. Life has a lot of magic in it and it is the intuition that is in tune with the magic, the signs and omens of life that make it interesting. Just as a movie director hints early on of a plot development, and we get more hooked into the story by the glimpse we get of how things might turn out, the intuition hooks us into our own journey in life.

In my practice, clients have shown me that their gut reaction is very possibly saving their lives. I met a "soldier-for-hire" type who got offered a million-dollar contract in Iraq and immediately turned it down, not liking "how it hit him.” Others talk about their immediate and negative gut reaction when told they were being promoted—and it turns out to be their guts trying to warn them there’s something about the deal or the change they won’t like.

The gut is where many people experience the sense of knowing something. When a friend of mine gets an uncomfortable and persistent feeling in her guts, she’s come to learn it’s a sign that the relationship she would like to invest in, or the house she wants to buy, is not such a good bet.

One of the most frequent comments people make about their intuition is that it comes and goes, and they don't know how to control it. As a natural phenomenon, it comes and goes as needed or for some other mysterious reasons…sometimes you just know something. It’s natural for it to come and go. If anyone really needs to know something, their inner self will start signaling in various languages, signs will appear, and if they don’t heed, an inner debate will begin between what their heart is telling them, and whatever’s keeping them in place.

In a moment, dear reader, you can try a creative visualization designed to get you in touch with your own intuitive guidance. It is “short and sweet”, and a compatible process for the way many peoples' intuition works, but not all. If this doesn't work for you, it could be that drawing, or writing, or some other form of communication is a more compelling way to engage your intuition. I would also try doing this visualization again before you go to sleep if it doesn't work the first time.

This exercise calls on your imagination. That’s all you need!

You could also have someone read it to you, or tape it yourself and listen to it. You can also try right now if you’re in the mood to get in touch with your inner guidance...just read the text below, follow the directions, and see what happens. You might want to write down what you get so be prepared with pen and paper.

Before you begin, if you like ceremony, you can try saying this prayer to yourself or out loud:

“I open myself up to receiving whatever is in my best interests at this time. I ask to be given new and helpful insights."

Here is a more traditional "before connecting" prayer that I learned from my metaphysical teacher:

“I am beginningless, I am endless, I am timeless, I am spaceless. I am in thee, thou art in me, together forever, we are one.”


To begin, make sure you won't be interrupted for the next few minutes. Turn off your phone, etc.

Get comfortable in your chair and take a big breath in through your nose and out your mouth. Get relaxed. Take another deep breath and let yourself relax even more.

The purpose of this guided imagery exercise is to help you access your intuition. First you have to have something in mind that you want to ask it. Think of a question that’s important to you, that you want input on from your inner guidance. Now just follow these instructions, using your imagination.

See yourself inside your own home, standing in front of the door where you go in and out.

Know that when you walk outside, you’re going to be getting in touch with your inner guidance, so get the question in mind you want to ask it.

Now walk outside, and make it a nice sunny day.

Using your imagination, find a telephone booth. It could be anywhere, take your time.

When you see it, walk up and get inside. This is where you can get in touch with your intuitive voice. Make yourself comfortable.

Remember your question. Get it in mind, and dial your home telephone or cell phone. Let the phone ring if necessary, up to six times. If in your imagination, you hear a voice or someone picks up the phone, say hello, and ask your question.

Listen for the answer.

When the conversation is over, say thanks for whatever you received, and good-bye.

Know you can call up your intuitive self any time, using this method. Feel yourself relaxed and happy, and glad to know a quick way to get in touch with your inner guidance.

You might want to write down the answer you got.

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