What happens when you look at your reflection? Do you see all beauty and perfection of your physical being or do you find fault with aspects of your face or body? If you look deeply into your own eyes, is there a sense of peace or inklings of turmoil? If you focus on one feature do you find it intriguing or disappointing?
When you have a positive experience looking at yourself do you rejoice and claim that for yourself, or do you believe it is just an excellent mirror? And when you find aspects that do not please you, do you then consider how to accept them or improve them, or do you blame the mirror for being a poor reflector?
Now consider the possibility that all of life, every person you meet, every situation in which you find yourself also offers you a mirror to see your own reflection on an inner level...a reflection beyond the physical. The reflection of your innermost emotional life, your soul’s yearnings, your deepest beliefs and patterns of being, your conscious and unconscious thoughts. How would you see that reflection? Would you be able to see it as a gift, an opportunity to know yourself better? Would you be able to honor the parts of you that you find appealing and seek to transform those that do not serve you?

Or would you instead compliment or blame the mirror?

When you meet someone who challenges you emotionally through his behavior or words, whose actions perhaps cause you to reflect on your feelings be it anger, sadness, discouragement, rejection, or joy, then you are being given a look into that mirror. Perhaps a part of you is present in that person that you are seeing. Or perhaps the person you have attracted to you is here to show you the feelings about yourself and your life that you still need to understand or release in order to live more abundantly. . You can only see what is already there within your own self, already operating or not, but nonetheless present on some level.
When someone upsets you because she is not being kind to you, what part of you has also behaved unkindly to another? If a friend annoys you with trivial habits, where is the judge in you that trivializes your own life? Do you stay open to the possibility that the casual stranger who genuinely smiles at you and makes your morning more blessed is also the part of you that can bring the gift of simple love to another.?

If we live in the spiritual belief that we are all one, all connected there is no doubt that each of us reflects something in another. We cannot be separate, we cannot be apart..we can only demonstrate what is. And the universe acts as a huge reflector of that reality.

To every situation, to every person you meet or are with, you bring yourself..your own unique history, belief system, patterns of reacting and concepts of the world. This is your filter, your perspective and no-one, no-one has the same exact total perspective that you do. When you are in awareness of that perspective, that filter and all the myriad emotions and responses you carry with it, you can live in conscious choice..transforming your life as you desire.

Your soul is constantly providing you with opportunities to see that filter through the situations that you may take personally or that create drama in your life or a strong response or judgement. When we live without awareness we see these situations as simply situations, haphazard, perhaps coincidental, that occur randomly in our lives. That is when we blame others, become angry at the world, or try to reason through what went wrong or why something happened to us. But as we understand that the outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world we realize that people and events do not happen to us, they happen for us. We drew them to us for our higher good, for our understanding, for the evolution of our consciousness.

So the next time you look into life’s mirror, ask yourself, what do I truly see here? Where is this in my own life, heart, behavior, self abuse or neglect? What do I see here about me that I am needing to claim or release? And you may begin to be grateful for the abundance of expansive life that this spiritual mirror offers.

Author's Bio: 

Luiclle Ann is a highly experienced and inspiraing trainer on spritual themes,a personal life coach from a spiritual perspective ("Touch the Soul Coaching") and a professional hand analyst. She continually helps others integrate their spiritual selves into everyday reality through her loving and wise guidance. Her healing guided meditation CD " A Little Light Into Your Soul"has been called a beautiful treasure and is profoundly life changing.